The Thought I Woke Up With #185


There is so much said about freedom you couldn’t even begin to imagine the volume of words, books, signs, tapes, courses, speeches and whatever else is associated with this matter. When it comes to the matter of freedom, millions have died for it, been tortured in its name and almost everyone has expressed an opinion on it at some point.

But what does it actually mean? Does this freedom actually exist? I mean we humans have fought over it, and for it, for so long does anyone actually know what all the dying and suffering has been for?

Yes I understand the meaning of freedom in a country like Australia, the USA and those others of similar ilk. It’s the brand of freedom that allows citizens to vote leaders in and out of office, leastways vote for the candidates chosen by a small group of faceless powerbrokers the public never sees. This freedom also allows for practicing of religion of choice, freedom of movement and freedom of speech, albeit the freedom of speech parameters are forever being curtailed and clipped, but still, compared to some the ability is pretty liberal.

So that’s the freedom those exposed to it can relate to. But even within the framework of that kind of freedom there are enough rules, regulations and laws to kill three mules and seven of Job’s best asses.

The freedom I am referring to is something else again. It’s the freedom that is absolute. When one attains this freedom there is no longer a need for human rules, regulations and laws. These no longer apply. You no longer need them. You no longer need them because you have at that point transcended them.

A good analogy would be when you see a baby. There are no written rules that state you must not be rough, harsh or violent with the baby. You just know. It’s a baby. It is to be treated gently. Lovingly. Kindly. It doesn’t need to be written anywhere. You don’t need to study the text. You simply know. And so it is once you have transcended mind and ego, the written rules and laws and manuals no longer apply.

You do not need laws that say you cannot do this, that and the other, you just know, and, there is no drive in you that would even consider doing anything harmful to another. You recognize others beyond their bodies. They are your brothers and sisters in Creation. They are part of the same great Oneness; part of You. To harm another therefore would mean harming yourself. They hurt, you hurt.

When you are experiencing this freedom, you are experiencing Love. You are speaking the language of Love, a language without words. A language that is you might say, the Sounds of Silence.

When you are within the Sounds of Silence, when you understand that silence does have a language all its own, then, you will have entered the kingdom of Heaven. The realm of Creation. This is where you come from. This is home. But this is not like the home you have believed you were part of. This home does not have a post code or a house number. Nor does it confine you within four walls. This, my friend, is the home that Love built. This is Your Home. And your true Father waits at the doorway, to welcome you back.

It is the most wonderful state. It is a beautiful thing to behold and be part of.

And perhaps you even cry. And that’s okay. Because the tears are the tears of joy, unspeakable gratitude and forever lasting love.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #185

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