The Thought I Woke Up With #184

Homicidal Love

You like todays heading, dear reader? Homicidal love, ahhh yes, has a ring to it, don’ it? No? You think the idea’s ridiculous? Man’s finally done lost his mind, you’re thinking, perhaps? Nice thought, but no. It doesn’t work like that. Ego and mind are with us until the moment Desire turns off the light. So my mind is still hanging in there.

For those of you who may have read about or heard about, what some claim were the last words of Jesus, “My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?” That is their meaning. The greatest teacher there ever was, and most probably there ever will be, had doubts until the very end. Forget all the claptrap about the weight of sin upon him, and God the Father turning his back upon the Son. That Brother had no sin and the Creator doesn’t turn his back, except in the conjob that is the bible and its equally delusional counterparts; you know, holy writs that say it’s clever and cool and murder and maim in the name of god.

Jesus uttered those words because he was in ego until the moment the lights went out.

The reason mind and ego stay until the very last flick of the switch is pretty obvious when you think about it. You can’t be in ego without ego. And you can’t have ego without mind. So, as they say in the classics, what you ganna do?

Well, there’s a great deal, an awesome deal, we can, and have to do until the moment of truth arrives. As a matter of actual fact, the moment of truth isn’t arriving until we’ve done what ONLY WE CAN DO.

That’s another thing the bible and the dime novels like it peddle as fact. That Jesus paid for the sins of the world. That all one needs to do is prostrate, prey, pay a suitable amount into the coffers and everything’s sweet. Reprobates and treacherous weasels peddle that stuff because it works. They invented sin, and as a concept it works like nothing else. You see, there is such a thing as a perfect lie. There it is, right there, sin.

Never has there been a better piece of bullshit than the sin concept. Sin gives the few, total control over the majority. It’s beautiful, in an evil, twisted, sick kind of way. The moment you buy into the sin deal is the moment you have given your soul over to the inventors of sin. And of course it just so happens they are the only ones with the remedy.

There is no sin. Therefore Jesus didn’t pay for it. How can Jesus pay for a thing that doesn’t exist? They killed him because he was teaching Love and that just wouldn’t do. So they done him in and in a masterstroke, ego version, reinvented him and his message.

They turned Jesus’ message of purity, goodness, Creation and Love into something dirty and homicidal. They turned the Father of Love he talked about into a homicidal maniac.

The Father, Jesus talked about is The Creator. There is no burning, head chopping, collection plates or holy writs in His Kingdom.

There is only Love in that kingdom. The kind you don’t need pay for, prey for or take by force.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #184

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