The Thought I Woke Up With #183

Back to Earth

Has it ever happened to you? You’re flying high. Your good-vibe is buzzing. You got the world by the tail. Anything is possible. WoW!

And then, out of nowhere appears Dr Killjoy. “Get real,” they say, “You?”

And in an instant you go from hero to zero. Back to Earth with a thud. Back to reality, they call it. In that one instant of negativity all potential and possibility expires. It happens all the time. All the time, and no one is immune. Age, rank and socioeconomic statuses make no one impervious.

Friends, family and those closest to you are the key offenders. They generally mean well. They want to save you from heartbreak, embarrassment, financial ruin and numberless other calamities that lurk just around that clichéd corner. It’s abrupt and it’s brutal. Has to be, because– It’s for your own good.

Why does that happen?

Why do we put ourselves into the hands of others when our very happiness and potential are concerned. Why do we allow others to squeeze our spiritual throats, so to speak?

You can’t afford that. You can’t do that job. Stick with what you know. Isn’t he awesome running his own business, shame you can’t. She’ll never go out with you. He doesn’t even know you’re alive. Your hips are a little too wide and your bum too broad. You CAN’T DO THAT! These are, amongst others, all triggers we pull ourselves so as to unleash negativity upon ourselves.

You know what though? It isn’t them, doing it. It’s us, doing it to ourselves. No one invades your mind and manipulates it from within. Do they?

Your Mind will always do whatever it can to “Bring you back to earth.” Back to reality, it calls it. What that generally means is negative talk destroying all potential and opportunity, keeping you locked into poverty of the worst kind. The kind that slams the gate shut against hope, joy, happiness, self-realization and innovation.

Bottom line is, and there is no debating or questioning this, You are as good, as able and as talented as anyone else. There is no one on this planet better than you. Unless …

… Unless you let them.

And you let them. All the time. You even elect them to high office; pay them huge salaries, so they can lead you, and the planet into personal, economic and environmental disasters.

You work in their factories, getting paid pittance, while they exploit not only you, your friends, colleagues and coworkers but the resources that will affect the lives of future generations.

These are all things that are part of you allowing yourself to be brought back to earth and by so doing locking yourself into stereotypes and limiting your god given talents and abilities.

It is sad. Very sad. But then, that’s what unhappiness is. Isn’t it? Until we use Mind to put a stop to it.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #183

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