The Thought I Woke Up With #179

Naked and Alone

It has been said that David Copperfield and Harry Houdini top the list of all time greatest illusionists. And although I ‘m no expert on stage-illusion, I believe those two men have few peers in the field of illusion and magic.

I do however know an illusionist vastly, infinitely indeed, superior to both David and Harry. YOU. Yes you, the one reading this.

Messrs.’ Copperfield and Houdini may be legends in the art of illusion, you however, are beyond legend. You not only create legends, you have created a world. An entire world of illusions.

There is a key difference between these master illusionists and you. These and other illusionists do not become attached to their illusions, because they know these deceptions are just that; tricks, sleight of hand deceits performed for fun and entertainment.

You on the other hand become attached to things you dream up. You identify with, and value yourself by, things that not only have no value, they emanate from a dream, or a nightmare, depending on your moods and propensities.

Look at this way. Nothing you kill yourself for, figuratively speaking, can be taken with you when you die. That might seem like an obvious, if not a little depressing, thing to say but bear with me. The intention is not to get you bummed out and depressed, the intention is to highlight the absurdity of life as it projects and presents out of your dream state.

In this dream-world possession is an obsession. This world is structured around, and runs on, possession.

The more one owns the more successful, the bigger winner, one is deemed and regarded as being. It is quite mad. Particularly when you take into account the fact that other human beings are sought as possessions. One human wants to own other humans. To have them branded as goods and chattels.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, Those days are behind us. The ugly days of slavery are forever gone. But are they? Really. To think the world is free of slavery is to have ones head stuck firmly in the sand.

Slavery is only one example of humans being possession mad. Look at the subtler, socially acceptable, lawful and divinely sanctified conventions and rituals; marriage and similar conjugal frameworks for example.

My wife. My husband. My kids. My girlfriend. My, my, my. What does that even mean? That these persons are owned? Well yes. That’s what it means. I love you, so I own you. So there! No wonder so many relationships fail even before they get out of the starting blocks.

Look at the very idiocy of it. How many humans have died in the name of freedom? Freedom is everything right? Yet, here we are, pretending to own each other. I own you. I own my kids. I own my dog.

The reality of it is we own nothing. We don’t even own ourselves. When you meditate you truly realize that you don’t even own yourself. And if you don’t meditate, you can confirm this by the way life runs. By the way you feel. And what is it we are endeavoring to do through religion, spirituality or whatever self-realization way you may be using to penetrate that higher consciousness? Self-realization is but an effort to return to the One who “owns us.”

All this pretending, posturing and “owning” is but an illusion within an illusion.

The reality is you arrive here alone and empty-handed, and you leave here alone and empty-handed.

So what’s it all about Elfie?

What is that gap, between coming naked and alone, and leaving empty handed and alone? A useless waste of time and space; a sixty, seventy, eighty, or whatever year lamentable, empty life parenthesis?

Not if …

If one turns mind and directs effort towards the seeking of awareness life is never wasted. And that’s not some airy-fairy spiritual type concept. That is an absolute fact. One of the very few absolute facts to be found here. Here is part of the reason why:

Only the timeless, the eternal, is true. Seeking awareness brings you in touch with the eternal.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #179

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