The Thought I Woke Up With #177

Even in Jail You Can be Free

We are responsible for our lives, for everything that happens to us. There are no accidents. There are only experiences. Everything is of the Self.

The question generally asked following a statement such as the one above is, Why does Self create pain and misery, for itself? It makes no sense. Isn’t the Self part of Creation? Part of the Creator Itself? And aren’t those Love?

The answer is yes and yes. Yes the Self is part of Creation and the Creator, forever. And yes, those things are Love.

To answer the big question, let me pose a couple of smaller ones  which deal with some human oddities, let’s call them.  Why does a woman marry a man she knows deep down will drink himself silly, come home, and abuse her?

Why does a person smoke 40 plus cigarettes a day full well knowing the consequences?

Why do people take illicit drugs, share far too much personal information on social networking sites, repeatedly get drunk as a skunk and drive, or, drive at crazy speeds in built-up areas?

In other words why do we things, knowing they can quite easily lead to injury or death, when in all reality we don’t want to get hurt or die?

We do those things because deep, deep down we feel indestructible. We feel our reality. Our immortality.

The great Rumi said, “The Ego is a veil between humans and God.”

That quote means, between itself and the Creator, the Self, (You) has placed a veil. Hung a curtain if you will.

That veil, that curtain, is like a movie screen upon which life is projected and plays out. It isn’t real but it’s interesting. So interesting that it’s got your full attention. But like any movie, ultimately, it is of no great consequence and has no bearing whatsoever on reality.

So when something seemingly dangerous is being played out you feel the fear, squirm and tremble but you at all times know it’s a movie. And when the movie is over, you’ll get up and carry on.

So when someone says, you are responsible for everything in your life. It’s true. But instead of feeling awkward, guilty, inadequate or perhaps ashamed, do understand that whatever you are living, you can change in a heartbeat.

Easy for you to say Nick! But you don’t know my life. The troubles I have, the issues, the responsibilities, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thing is, I do know. I know this also— there is nothing in your life, right now, that you cannot change. The only variable being, the time it takes for the new you to flourish and manifest.

Here’s what I mean by ‘the time it takes.’ Say you are reading this in a jail cell. And you have a set time before your release. You’ve got more time to do. No jailbreaks please, unless that’s the new you- on the run and living on the edge with bloodhounds on your trail 24/7. I strongly advise against it, but hey! No judgments right?

Let’s say however you’re in the cell and you decide to turn your life around. In your mind that will happen as soon as you decide. You’ll feel different, you’ll start thinking different, acting different and being different. You will however need to finish your sentence because that’s how things are. Once you’re out you’ll be a new person.

Our lives are of our own making. Our lives can be what we want them to be. Assuming we have the knowledge, AND the courage, to do what we want to do.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #177

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