The Thought I Woke Up With #174

Who wants the truth?

I put it to you, dear reader, that very, very few people want to know the truth. They pretend they do but look closer, through the eyes of Love, and you very quickly realize the opposite is true. And once that realization hits, you almost immediately arrive at another understanding; why the great lie called religion is, and has almost forever been, the trick compass humanity uses in its alleged fervent search for heaven, nirvana or whatever sign different religions have stuck on their final destination of rapture.

The compass called religion is for sure and certain a trick compass. But it isn’t faulty. No. In fact it is very accurate. It has its own true north and everything. The trick part is in the fact that it leads away from the True North. That place where God, the Creator, actually is. The trick compass on the other hand has its true north leading to conclusions.

Religions, philosophies, articles of faith, credos and suchlike lead to definite conclusions. My religion is best. My god is the only true god. My philosophy represents the truth of the matter, I am an atheist and I know there is no god or Creation, blah, blah, blah.

Everything that leads you to a firm conclusion leads away from the truth.

Once you have reached a conclusion, you set about defending it, at all costs. The truth no longer matters. You have your conclusion. You don’t want to know the truth, it becomes an inconvenience and an outright threat. So truth is shut out. Conclusion rules.

And what are human beings crazy about? Conclusions.

Conclusions are dangerous. We have countless conclusions, and we have a very dangerous world. You see, it follows. Conclusions equal, war. Seeking truth, equals peace. Show me a zealot and I’ll show you someone nailed to the cross of their conclusion. And brother those nails are holding firm.

The idea therefore is to put everything you feel strongly about, fervently about, up for examination. Hard to do? Yes indeed, yes indeed. Takes a lot of undoing to let mind run free. But how else will you hear the sweet, sweet sounds of Truth.

Creation, or Love if you prefer, is not arrived at through conclusions, through logic. This is beyond logic. Beyond mind. Mind must be ascended. You must ascend beyond the mind before the heavens will open up, so to speak.

This heaven we speak of is a state where there is no friction, no drag or gravity. It is a state of ease and ecstasy, and beautiful delight. This is a state of let-go, this is Home.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #174

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