The Thought I Woke Up With #172

The Joy of Balance

Balance is important it is said. No. Balance is the Be-all and End-all.

In the pursuit of Enlightenment however, there is always the risk of extremes. That’s because ego and Enlightenment, as states of being, are so diametrically opposed. The choice appears as very clear-cut, it’s either one or the other. Life or death. Truth or lie. Dream or reality. God or devil. Heaven or hell. Good or evil, and so on and so forth.

Now, strictly speaking that is correct. There can only be, and there only is, the One Truth. You can’t have two truths, or three truths. Anything that presents as having many truths is automatically a lie. The ego state for example. In ego everyone has their own truth, that’s because to perpetuate the great lie, other lies must be told. You don’t perpetuate a lie with the truth. That much is self-evident. Enter the truth, exit the lie. Turn on the light, disappear the dark.

Before we get to the point of exiting ego, though, there are steps to be taken, things to be done, or more to the point, undone. You cannot just decide to go within, snap the fingers and it happens. No. That isn’t how it works. Trying that approach creates a great imbalance. An imbalance that will cause more issues than already exist.

You see you have been at this a long time. You didn’t get to where you find yourself right now in the snap of the fingers. The trudge from everything to nothing has been slow, methodical, and deliberate. Layer upon layer of lies and illusions have been wound, tightly, around the Self.

Think of it this way. Your Self is star-like. Like a bright, powerful, gloriously beautiful, forever-glowing star. Then, in an unexplained, unguarded moment the star decides it no longer wishes to be star-like. It decides to separate from its universe and to go it alone. To achieve this obscure and bizarre intent the star wraps itself in layer upon layer of lies and illusions, until its glow can no longer be seen. Like an onion the core is wrapped with outer, foreign, dense, layers.

So in effect, you could say that each one of us is onion like. A holy onion. The undoing process is therefore peeling back the layers of illusions until the light once more shines bright and unrestricted. Once more actively rejoining the Universe.

When you look upon the Self in this way, it perhaps becomes a little clearer as to why ego, is not an evil thing.

Ego is the layers that you have draped around yourself. These layers are to be left behind through a gentle awakening, not be torn away. To tear apart, to force ones way to the core, is to create a great disturbance, an imbalance that stirs the very soul. Whenever a thing is seen as something to be destroyed, torn away, forced into compliance, peace and love will be foreign.

As such, balance is very important when undoing. There must be no hate, no dislike, cast upon anyone, or anything within your life. To do that, to hate and dislike is to hate and dislike your very Self.

You don’t get into your own heart by hacking your way through your chest. That’s not a recommended approach to the heart. Nor is it the recommended approach to heck away at your outer layers to get to the Self.

You are a Holy Onion, be gentle on all of your self.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #172

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