The Thought I Woke Up With #171

Everything’s just great!

B e Positive! You can do anything! Just decide! Being positive will make you the person you want to be! Be positive 24/7 for seven days and you’re cured! Transformed! The day is what you make it, so why not make it a great one.

I don’t know about you but the try-hards who peddle and force-feed that stuff used to give me gas. Now they have no bearing but it took a while to get their smut out of my head.

Win Friends and Influence People, Power of Positive Thinking, Think and Grow Rich, and other similar books and false concepts, have caused great damage.

You know what positive thinking really is?

What it really means?

It means burying your self in crap. It means creating adversity in the church of God. Not the bible god, that’s the one these positive thinking bullshit artists use to reinforce their messages. The one is responsible for churches and religions that are but an abomination.

The God I refer to here is the Creator. The One, whose “church” is freedom of Self. The one that is further removed with every blasphemous positive thinking lie uttered.

You know what you become when you dance, and prance and pretend to be all positively and irrefutably sphinxlike and inscrutable? A dancing monkey.

You may as well grab a bunch of bananas and start throwing them at those around you. That’ll get a reaction. That’ll make ‘em laugh and clap and invite you to all the parties.

People love monkeys. People love pretenders for the same reason. Both make them feel good about themselves.

We shouldn’t be unjust to the monkeys though. They are being true to themselves. As opposed to positive thinking pretenders who are in reality prostituting themselves. Except a prostitute is infinitely more honest.

Priests, cardinals and robe-wearers in general are expert at this. They behave in ways that is expected. They wear false faces, masks. They have a mask for every occasion. There’s a smiley face, a pious face, a sad and commiserations for your loss face, greed face, lustful face, lying face. Whatever it takes. Show the face that fits the demand.

Those able to dance to the tune of demand, and do it well, succeed. Those particularly apt at selling themselves become a howling success. The world is their oyster.

These, Be positive at all costs peddlers, are the human, flesh and blood, Judas Rams. Leading the unsuspecting and naïve followers deeper and deeper into ego oblivion. They should be thrown into isolation and forced to read their own books, listen to their own tapes and trite messages of misinformation and proselytization until they are driven mad with guilt and unreservedly beg their until then followers for forgiveness.

They are playing a perfect mind game however, these positive thinking predators. They write a book selling this bulldust. People buy the book. Read the book, and justify the buying of the book by pretending to have got it. No one wants to be seen a dummy.

If by some quirk of fait something does work out, the authors claim victory because their philosophy lead you to that win, that success. Shameless fakes. It time to wakey, wakey, and bring back burning at the stakey.

The truth of life is that its filled with challenges. That’s the way you designed it. That’s the way you’re running it. Pretending that it isn’t so, creates a major issue: you are looking into the mirror and trying to see an angel, where in fact there stands, gazing calmly back at you a human being. Accept that. It’s a fact in spite of all the hyperbole and pretending otherwise. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it is simple. Why all the pretense then? Good question to go with.

Why would you fight yourself? Why would you make a law then pretend that law doesn’t exist? Hurting inside but dancing around like everything’s just splendid! Not a care in the world. In fact, what world?

Mind isn’t to be tamed, cleansed or changed. Mind is to be risen above.

The simplest way to get this concept is to think in terms of: whatever happens, I can handle. I can handle whatever happens because I created it. And because I created it, I can un do it. Then, get on with the undoing. Warts and all.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #171

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