The Thought I Woke Up With #170

Two Hearts One Life

I was explaining to someone recently what I mean when I talk about my Third Energy concept. Particularly in relation to romantic liaisons.

Everyone has his or her own energy. That’s straight forward enough. What isn’t as straight forward or reflected upon anywhere near enough is what happens when two people meet and enter into a union.

Seeing certain couples together is truly a sight to see. They radiate that something that makes you smile. Makes you warm inside.

Other couples make you feel like you need to put your winter coat on, in summer. And others still, project a heart of stone.

So what is it you are feeling? It’s not their bodies. The bodies you may find pleasing, even attractive, or not. But what you’re feeling is something else entirely. You don’t feel a body (unless you’re cuddling up to it, but that’s another blog of its own because even then it isn’t the body). What you’re feeling with these couples is their energy.

When one person joins with another person their individual energies create a third energy. Mine and yours, becomes ours. That’s the Third Energy. The Spiritual Third Energy.

Why is that worth discussing? Because the Third Energy, when you’re hip to it, when you’re aware of it, tells you all you need to know about your being.

It also tells you when and where realtionship adjustments need to be made. And if one is real about their joy and happiness, it tells you when to cut a relationship loose, let that toxic thing go and start again.

The often given reason for not letting go is, ‘I’m no quitter!’ Better to be a quitter than a loser hanging onto a sinking anchor for dear life. Too, there’s a humongous difference between quitting and letting go of a dead thing that’s seeping ghostly chills into your very soul. Keeping you entombed.

There is another ego based, piece of absolute garbage that’s trotted out and rattled off way too often for comfort. One part of the duo will say something like, It’s my fault. I need to get better at relationships. It’s up to me make it work. This sad refrain is heard from battered and abused women in particular.

No! No! And No! You can’t make it work on your own. It takes two energies to make the third. Therefore when a good energy, or relatively virtuous and decent one anyway, hooks up with one that is bad and vile, and yes such do exist so let’s dispense with spiritual political correctness, the Third Energy is going to be at best edgy and at worst dangerous.

Now that doesn’t mean that purification cannot take place and the negative energy person cannot correct. They can, and everyone eventually does. That does not happen however until the person themselves decides to do so.

Being honest with oneself is the key. First comes the honesty, then comes the courage. It does require a little courage to say, you know, this isn’t working, adios. Or, if the other party is prone to possessiveness of the ugly kind, walking away discreetly is more than acceptable. Let the abuser simmer in their own hateful stew.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #170

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