The Thought I Woke Up With #168

YOU are the blessing

You know what is really and truly ass about in this world, dear reader? We spend more time stressing over paying bills, finding a parking spot and the state of our hair and makeup than we do about Love and happiness. And by Love I do not mean of the lustful variety. I am referring to the spiritual kind, the kind that brings with it peace and joy.

Not that I’m belittling the importance of paying the bills, however, when compared to Love, peace and joy, that chore shouldn’t even be on the list.

Indeed you know when we are the most “alive?” When surrounded by noise, stress, anxiety or anger. Peace and gentleness put us to sleep. Meditation too very often puts people to sleep.

Everyone says, I want peace and happiness, just ask them. The reality however is totally the opposite. Talk about self-delusion.

Here’s how deep this need for anarchy is. We couldn’t get anything done in peace and happiness. Ego doesn’t do peace and happiness. The whole planet would need to undergo a metamorphosis for that to happen. That’d be nice, I hear you thinking; a peaceful planet, populated by nonviolent, serene, nature loving, lighthearted vegans. Yeah, it would be nice, but not possible. For that to happen everyone would need to transform from ego to Spirit at once. Not about to happen, and if by some Godly miracle it did happen, you wouldn’t want to stay here anyway.

So we continue with the noise and the anxiety, anger and tress. Sleepwalking and letting life live us, as opposed to it being the other way around. Frothing at the mouth over things that have no worth or usefulness whatsoever when it comes to freedom of mind and ultimate love. We do this because those are the things that we equate with being alive.

The way out this often called, vicious cycle is simplicity. Start with doing some simple things. Do not seek complicated answers. Complicated will arouse the mind, get it stirred up, get it thinking. That’s the last thing you want. What you want is to get beyond mind. You want to watch mind, not continue being its puppet. Become the watcher.

The watcher watches. The watcher is a spectator, not a player.

It will be tough because the way things operate, the way things have operated from the moment you arrived here is to be involved, to act. Be a man of action, be the woman who gets things done. Busy is good. Run don’t walk, stop your dillydallying and shilly-shallying.

Which leads to the next simple thing, slow down. Slow down and start seeing the scenery, stop to smell the roses, as has been said. Just stop, man. Stop and look, and ponder, and question it all. Calm down.

Look into the mirror. I mean really look and ask, who am I? What am I? What am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Stop waiting for God, or Allah or Jehovah or whatever to dump blessings onto you. Start feeling it instead. Start truly looking deep, beyond ego, beyond mind, beyond imaginary spooks and figures of divinity and start feeling and seeing the truth.


Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #168

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