The Thought I Woke Up With #166

I like to watch

If ever you are a little confused as to what mind is and does, just stop, relax, and take stock of two things: one, what is happening at that moment in time, and two, do a quick recap of your life to that point.

Whatever is happening at the time of your taking stock of the immediate happenings and the life you have overall, mind has, through ego created.

It’s like, ego is the jackhammer, mind the power source. Mind creates it and ego, its servant, manifests it. Without power there is no jackhammering, as without mind, there is no ego activity. To state the obvious therefore, if you want the jackhammering to stop you don’t attack the jackhammer, you calmly switch off the power.

Likewise with ego, trying to destroy the ego, to fight or attack it doesn’t do it. Indeed it energizes it, makes it stronger, more lively and dynamic.

Ego has no feelings or goodness in it. Ego can’t be sweet-talked or loved into submission. It can’t be shamed, humiliated or humbled into submitting either. They call it being resilient.

Ego is a non-feeling, non-thinking, non-loving machine. You could say ego is a NON. Non what? Non-nothing.

Here’s a good example, ego is the dummy, mind the ventriloquist.

So how do you beat the ventriloquist’s dummy? You don’t. You can’t. You wouldn’t even try right? It’d be insane. People see you arguing, and rolling around in the mud trying to kick dummy’s butt, they come take you away. Just thinking about doing those things is silly. Yet we do it with ego all the time, using all manner of ways, meditations, prayers and methods. Is it any wonder ego keeps on keeping on?

Hordes of human beings believe that being “good,” will beat ego. No, it will not. Employing that method simply creates another ego; a good-doing ego.

How about piousness? Devoutness? Virtue? No that doesn’t work either. You can become a saint and it will not destroy or overcome ego. All mind does is switches gears and creates an ego that behaves in saintly ways. It is now an ego that as opposed to yelling and ranting is serene and smiling and blessing everything in sight.

The only way to leave ego behind therefore is to address the source. The mind. And the Way here is not to engage. The idea is to observe. It takes practice because it doesn’t come easily, generally speaking.

Becoming a watcher, a detached observer will lead you to freedom from ego. That is in fact what the wise ones mean when they say, You need do nothing. Or some other variant of the same saying. No engagement. You become like the bird watchers. No engagement, no involvement of any kind. Just detached observing. The mind is the bird, you are the watcher.

Under these circumstances, the old– I like to watch, isn’t creepy at all. Indeed it becomes the way to freedom.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #166

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