The Thought I Woke Up With #164

Are you two-faced?

Well are you, dear reader? Two faced? Let me save you thinking time. Yes you are. No question, no debate. Don’t feel bad though. Everyone is. Literally.

Every person on the face of this planet, be they past, present or yet to set foot on this mortal coil is two-faced. Just to be crystal clear, that includes every saint, guru, do-gooder, do-badder, philanthropist, charity worker, monger of everything that is good, decent and holy. And just in case anyone’s not sure it includes Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu and every so called Prophet of Love you care to mention.

Actually two-faced isn’t accurate. It falls way short of the mark. Multi-faced hits the bullseye. Each one of us has many faces. They are like masks, trotted out and put on as the occasion requires.

We have a face for anger, joy, laughter and violence. Then there’s the listening earnestly face, the I’m pretending to listen earnestly face. The I love you pooky and the I’m waiting for an explanation face, that one is often accompanied by a tapping of foot.

There’s the it’s three in the morning and you reek of liqiour face and the forgive me it’ll nave happen again one. There are others but you get the picture. We have faces for all occasions.

I am not referring to any of those faces here however. Those faces are our “mirror faces.” The ones we can change the appearance and shape of with clever makeup, facial hair and contorted facial muscles.

The two faces I am referring to here is the one you had before you were born; the one you will return to when you pass back through heavens door. And the one you slipped on when splintering from Reality. The former being your Forever Face and the latter your smoke and mirrors face.

Your smoke and mirrors face is one of unspeakable frailty and fragility. It has no self worth. It is entirely dependent on the whims of fashion and opinion of others.

If someone says your hairstyle is out of fashion and terrible, or that this or that about you is unattractive, or ugly, you are crushed. Perhaps you manage to keep looking stoic, calm on the surface, but on the inside you feel it. It hurts.

Or, if someone tells you that you are a good for nothing loser, a deadbeat, it is the same thing, you take it to heart. It stays there like a sore with crust around it. There are many such sores around your True Self. It is these sores the undoing heals. Before the healing however the crust must be peeled. That’s the hurt. That’s what is felt as pain. That’s the pain of undoing.

Then there’s your Forever Face. The real you. You of the Creation. The one created in the Creators own image. The image of deep and bottomless Love. Imagine that dear reader, you are– BOTTOMLESS LOVE.

The face of man versus the face of Creation.

Which will you choose?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #164

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