The Thought I Woke Up With #162

Mind Talk

Mind doing an interview? I’ve no idea why this came up but it did so here it is. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, since starting on this, ‘The Thought I woke Up With,’ daily blog trip, I’ve become acutely aware of minds, on the surface at least, random maneuverings. Mind talking about itself tho did surprise me a little.

It shouldn’t really surprise however, mind is egos daddy, granddaddy and birthmother, and is all about, Look at me, look at me! So within that context it makes perfect sense for mind to want to do a little bragging.

Why is mind important? Because without mind there would be nothing. No flushing toilet, no jeans or those cool runners and shoes. No makeup, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Vegemite, sliced bread or Harley Davidson Motorcycles. There’d be no rivers, mountains or this planet for that matter.

Without mind there would also be no bragging, grandiosity, vanity, pride, mad power trips, arrogance, narcissism, lying, cheating, violence, religion, hate, tears, pain or death. Without mind there would be no hell.

There would also be no righteousness, virtue, decency, passion, compassion, honesty, goodness, peace, joy, enlightenment or mindfulness. Without mind there would be no heaven.

Without mind there would be no you, the one reading this.

Everything that you see, feel, touch, imagine, decide … everything … in ego, comes through mind.


Yes, everything.


Of course. After all, who decides whether you believe in god or not? Mind does.

You want to know how inconceivably powerful mind is? Think about what keeps you from being yourself. Your true Self?

Mind does. Mind keeps you from Self-awareness. Mind keeps you separated, or at least it keeps the illusion of such firmly in place. It is the curtain between you and Creation.

Put very, very simply mind is an illusion maker. It even keeps itself illusory. That’s why until carefully observed mind appears random and chaotic. Nothing can be further from the truth however. Mind is the finest piece of creation you have ever made.

Mind has one, and only one goal– to keep you from focusing on the Truth. Everything mind does is aimed at the completion of that goal. And that’s a fact. Mind creates the layers upon layers of illusions and delusions that keep You unaware of your true Self.

There is one question however mind cannot answer. Who created it?

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #162

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