The Thought I Woke Up With #161

Your Way

The duplicity and confusion served up as normal, and natural, ways of life are, when you actually stop and think about them, nothing short of insane.

On the one hand you have the self-appointed shepherds of the flock, guiding and directing souls to the glory of the Lord. Telling them that everything god offers is good, right and perfect. Do not be afraid, accept your lot with a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart for the Lord knows and does only what is right for you. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord. He is the creator of all living.

Then you have the same people telling “the flock” to go to court for conflict resolution, Let the judge decide, they say. They take sides in wars, bless those about to go into battle because, god is on our side. Those heathens don’t stand a chance. When the “heathens” win though, it’s back to the old reliable, It was gods will. He works in mysterious ways.

Then we have the politicians. Forever smiling, forever talking about doing the right and decent thing for the citizenry, yet if there were Olympic type medals given for lying, hypocrisy and corruption this lot would get bronze, silver and gold. Talking to a politician is about as gratifying as chatting with a grinning hyena gazing into your eyes while dreamily visualizing your innards.

There are also things like building cars that can easily travel at 200 kilometers an hour but place you in speed zones half that. Enticing people into pubs and clubs, encouraging them by fair means and foul to pour as much alcohol as is possible down their gullets, then unceremoniously tossing them onto the hard shoulder when they start speaking in tongues and vomiting over themselves; real message— they aren’t capable of spending any more money, so out! You’re ugly now.

They are welcome back tomorrow of course, when they can once more spend and repeat the process.

Or what about eating bikkies or some other favourite snack then complaining about putting on weight … over, and over again.

There are many, many other example where life and living make no sense whatsoever. Perhaps that’s because the whole deal is senseless, but only when taken seriously. So don’t.

That’s a big statement, I know; not to take life seriously. Especially if one is caught up in what seems and feels like a life and death drama. But you know, no matter how serious or well meaning, or, how lighthearted or irresponsible one is, everyone ends up in the same place, figuratively and in reality.

Whether you observe life as strychnine or honey, whether you’re filled with fury or affection, the end destination is one and the same.

Not fair?

Life isn’t about fairness. It’s about seeing the reality of it. And once you see the reality of it, a Way will open.

You see, there is no Way that is right for everyone. There simply is no such thing.

There is however Your Way. And Your Way will lead you straight out of the absurdity and to heavens door.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #161

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