The Thought I Woke Up With #158

You Can’t Kill Love

Ever wondered why violence is constantly at fever pitch? Why it permeates through every fiber of life? It is in sport, some shamelessly overt some a little more subtle but all of it is about winning and losing, about confrontation. It’s not about winning or losing, many will say, it’s about playing the game. What a lot of donkey dung that is, who gets the spoils, the headlines, the accolades?

Violence is found is music, in the family home and in the workplace. It runs randomly rampant in the streets, bars, concerts, taxi ranks and on airplanes. And needles to say there are the never ending wars, dictatorships and human rights abuses. Everywhere you look, literally. No matter the society, no matter the socioeconomic conditions, no matter the situation, violence is everywhere. You could safely say where there’s a human there’s destruction and violence of some kind.

Human beings literally want to kill everything. But not only kill it, they want it to suffer in the process. He done me wrong, I want him to suffer for the rest of his born days, isn’t just some bitter and twisted crazy person hurt-talking. That’s a collective mantra right there.

Mankind been chanting that unholy hymn since Adam got his rib ripped out of his body so his Daddy could put Eve together. Then him and Eve got tossed out of home, by Dad no less. The trouble didn’t end there though. Y’all heard the nasty tale about one of their boys turning out to be a real bad apple, pardon the pun. Born with a bad-deep streak of envy. That boy went and slayed his own brother, buried him in a shallow grave, covered him with thistles and thorns and went home to a roast lamb supper.

And let’s not even get started on the blood, guts, rape, death and destruction outlined in the holy writs.

Yes sir, human beings want to kill everything. If its got a throat to squeeze, it better start runnin’. And if it can be cooked, sautéed, grilled or bbq’d- well it isn’t going to last long, no matter how cunning, speedy or strong it is.

Heck, humans want to kill love. Especially love. You can’t let love take hold. Let that sucker take a beachhead and before you know it all the killin’ gonna stop! OMG! We can’t have that!

Alright, alright, I am getting a tad excited, dear reader, but every word is true. You know it is because you witness it just like I do. You may not have paid as much attention to it as I have, but you know.

Don’t you go try fixing it however. Whatever you do, do not try fixing it. Because if you do try fixing it, you’ll get caught up in it and it will whoop you senseless, if not kill you. Look what it did to Jesus? Fair enough, he knew what he was doing, he was making a statement, indeed the most powerful statement ever made. There’s a huge lesson to be learnt from His statement, and it is this:

Humans do not understand and will actively try and kill love at every opportunity.

Unfortunately the other part of Jesus’ statement, the real core of it, the truth of it, is buried at every opportunity.

The real message was, is, and will forever be this: You can’t kill Love, because Love isn’t from here.

So, what do we do about this violence?


Look within yourself. Find Love there, dive into it and attract the brothers and sisters you are meant to attract. And together you will reenter Creation.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #158

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