The Thought I Woke Up With #157

Done the runner

We have an old saying in Australia— Done the runner. It means someone leaving a place or situation in a hurry, like for example escaping an arrest or changing ones mind about an imminent wedding; She did the runner on him, left the poor bugger standing at the alter. It is also used when someone doesn’t pay for something, He stopped making repayments, did the runner, and now the repo man’s after the car.

There are a lot of people doing the runner. It’s everywhere you look; running from responsibility, relationships, work, police, parents, problems, life, court orders, the past, the future, the now, god, the devil, oppression, depression, clowns, trees, rain, mobile phones, beards, heaven, men in robes, number 13, cleanliness, germs, dirt, domination, harassment, pain, dentist, sleep, social activities, habits, violence, innovation, cheese. Yes, there is a fear of cheese, they even a name for it, Turophobia. So that cute little Babybel is someone’s nightmare.

As interesting as this is, I’ll need to stop now, because almost anything you can think of, someone is afraid of it, is running from it. You wouldn’t be far off if you said the whole world is on the run. In fact it is.

But here’s the really funny bit. For every single thing someone is running from, some other person is running to. No matter how depraved. Of course some of those things are kept as deep dark secrets by those wanting them, for obvious reasons, I mean certain sections of society are not as colourfully liberated as others, right? That’s just the way of the world.

Reality however is very different. Those gripped by so called evil, perversion and debauchery are in the exact same boat as those running for saintliness, respectability, righteousness and godliness: same idiocies wearing different coats.

Why does that happen? Why is everyone running from, and striving for, something other than what they have? Because we are all running from ourselves.

Running from the Self is the core of the human condition. And if you think that’s funny, here’s the really hilarious bit. It can’t be done. It’s like trying to ditch ones shadow. No can do, right? Same deal, you can’t dump yourself by running.

But, and this is a great but, we can leave the desires and the nightmares behind, in the same way a shadow is left behind— by walking into the light. That light is called Creation.

There are no gods or saints in Creation. There is only the Creator and the Created. All sharing Love and joy and the glory of Oneness.

No power struggles, guilt, superiority or doing the runner there.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #157

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