The Thought I Woke Up With #156

Weakness is weak

At some point everyone wonders why we don’t live the lives described in numerous texts, and by almost all wise persons, as our natural, happy ones. Also, from time to time everyone feels that truth for themselves; that’s that feeling you get when the frustration is like grinding your finger against the roughest sandpaper. When you feel like crap but don’t really know why. We all know that feeling. We all know because inside us is our godliness, waiting to get out.

Surrounded by dreams and illusions our spirit, our soul, rests, quietly, patiently, waiting for awareness of reunification with Creation.

To illustrate I’ll use the old peeling an onion analogy. An onion is structured in layers. To get to the centre of it; to its core, the outer layers must be peeled off, one by one.

And so it is with our spirits or souls, as we have grown fond of referring to ourselves as. In Creation there is no self, no soul, because in Creation there is no separation, no splintering or inner structures. In Creation there is only Oneness. There we are One with everything.

The way we have “separated” isn’t through physical barriers. Removal of blocks and barriers would be easy if that were the case; a hardhat, a good jackhammer, a couple of hours labour and voilà! Home and hosed.

No, our barriers are subtle. We’re talking separation through, many layers of fears, insecurities and weaknesses, wrapping our core selves like mummies. A mummy being a good idiom because a mummy is a deceased human whose outer skin and organs have been preserved and wrapped in layers of material. The difference between the mummies and ourselves is that the layers we have wrapped our core selves in are illusions and dreams.

These layers must be removed for reunification and full awareness of Self occurs. Unfortunately like when peeling an onion, the undoing process is an activity which often makes the eyes water and discomfort levels rise high.

Fortunately, the more of these layers we remove the more we see that they are but smokescreens; self-imposed fears and insecurities. Swirling around and obscuring the light that is our true self.

Until squarely faced however, they serve their allocated purpose, which is to make you feel frightened and powerless.

The really good news is that when you confront these you realise that weakness is weak.

You don’t need to be brave or some kind of superhero. Simply decide to go forward and achieve whatever it is you want, and then persevere with it.

Remember, Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. John Wayne.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #156

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