The Thought I Woke Up With #155

I didn’t meet Jesus

I never got to meet Jesus when he was around, teaching and doing his thing. Not that I remember anyway, but since meeting him wouldn’t be something one would easily forget, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I am sure however that I’d have enjoyed meeting him very much.

By all reports Jesus was a cool cat, if not the coolest as his teachings resonate as strongly today as they did 2000 years ago. He talked about and thought a series of simple things; concepts that stand as right, as true and as powerful today as they did when first he uttered them. It’s a shame he didn’t write a book of his own. Had he done so, you can bet London to a brick it wouldn’t be anything like the drivel in the so-called holy writs.

Shame too they have him never laughing. Always suffering. Hanging on the cross. It’s like the crucifixion is the celebration and the resurrection is a dirty little secret. Swept under the carpet. Let’s have him hanging there for eternity. With the crown of thorns cutting into his brow and face twisted in agony.

It’s like laughing is a crime. Jesus and those like him laughed and loved and enjoyed. How do I know? Easy. He was all about Love. He was teaching it, preaching it, and practicing it. Even his critics would admit to that. So, how can anyone be doing that and not be happy?

And yet all you ever see are images of a man suffering, bleeding, and grieving. What a lie Christianity has perpetrated and perpetuated. The man was the epitome of spirituality, yet they have him being humorless. A spiritual man without a sense of humour? The whole notion is idiotic. The closer we get to Creation the happier we become. The whole Jesus misinformation machine is a crime against spirituality. Religion is, for the most part, an abomination.

Imagine if the pope came out and said that Jesus enjoyed sex? Can you just imagine? They’d stone him right there in St Peter’s Square, for the world to see and Jesus looking down from the cross all sad and sorrowful. Yet, is sex not a beautiful thing? Can one not have the most deeply satisfying, spiritual sex? When did Jesus say he was anti sex? Who can say he didn’t enjoy the odd romantic dinner by a hearth, with candles and wine?   And say he did, would that diminish and take away from his teachings? The power of his truth? Are not humans also sexual creatures? Does that make us unworthy of reclaiming our truth and reality?

And how do they know, these purveyors of fear, these religious dictators, that Jesus didn’t love in the true and every sense? They don’t, they don’t know a thing. All they know is the way they have Jesus, the way they have cultivated and misrepresented his image is the way that keeps the dollars coming in, the priests in work and cardinals in luxury.

Disgusting? Not really. It’s just the way it is. So long as we understand it and go on about our own reunification with Creation in our own way, all good!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #155

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