The Thought I Woke Up With #154


Do you really want to find love? I mean, really? Because the vast majority of people don’t. So vast is the number of those not wanting love that the figure representing the non-wanters is probably in the vicinity of ninety nine percent. If you are in that rare 1% you certainly are the minority, a loving minority but none the less a minority.

And you know what? It’s perfectly fine not to be in the 1%. Everything in its own time. It’s a slow trip back to Creation. There are no last calls or check-in deadlines.

It is an interesting phenomenon though, that the thing being touted as the most beautiful of values available to humans is the thing most avoided. Hidden from indeed.

The hiding happens in many ways. Consider one of the most common. Let’s make love. We just made love. Remember the time we made love. I want to fall in love with someone dreamy and wonderful. Life is about finding that someone special to love for the rest of my life. Look at those common sayings. What is the common thread? That love comes through another.

Love is not found via another. You can have someone Jesus-like, Buddha-like … God-like even, and you will not find love through them. Love is within you and only you are able to negotiate and trek the pathways within your Self.

Yes, you can join with another, share with them the common goal of returning into the purity of Love, however, that is rare and unusual. But even when that does happen the two are generally on different levels of spiritual understanding for much of the journey, and as they strive towards their common goal, each must, by design and necessity do their own clearing of the way; undoing of their own ego blocks because they are their own blocks. In other words, everyone MUST do their own living.

Your salvation, your enlightenment, is via and through, yourself only. That statement explains in a nutshell also, why a guru, or teacher or anyone else, can’t hurl you back into Love. Even the Creator will not try doing it. Many call that free will but the absolute and irrevocable law of self purification goes beyond free will.

If you were to be forcibly pushed, let’s term it, into Love you would almost literally destroy yourself, such is the fear. That’s why there are no express lanes to Creation, no matter what Way or path one takes. It’s always gradual, steady, and safe.

Nor is Love warm, cozy, bland or fuzzy. Love is the Soul energizer. Love is revolutionary. When one is in the Love energy one speaks out, one becomes beautifully selfish because one loves oneself first.

Religions teach the opposite. They teach that to love another is first and foremost. Love thy neighbor, (not so much his wife though), love this love that. But don’t love this, that and the other. They tell you what to love and what not to love because you can’t be trusted. They know, you don’t. And that should just about tell you everything about their agendas.

You can liken being in the Love energy space as having wings to soar high above with and see everything from a different, true, real, perspective.

Love frees you from gravity.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #154

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