The Thought I Woke Up With #153

The road sorts ‘em out

Today’s thought was more your feeling of puzzlement. And in many ways a repeat of a thought we have touched on before, and one I cover in some detail in the book, Him & Me. It is this: How can we possibly take any so-called holy writ that portrays any deity as vengeful, biased toward anyone whatsoever, or in any way at all predisposed toward anyone winning any war, seriously?

Those aren’t holy writs, those are badly written contradictions, with only one aim; to promote subservience through terror and ignorance.

How could an all-loving, all-caring, all-benevolent God, kill everything that moves and crawls? Babies and maidens, old folks, the good, the weak and the sincere. All fauna and flora. All killed without a second thought given. Or the god that drives, encourages and cheers on the murder of all innocents that do not follow a particular religion?

Those aren’t gods. Those are Batman the movie versions of the Joker.

Does that mean I don’t believe there isn’t a God? Not at all. I most definitely believe there is the Creator. I prefer the term Creator because when you say god, you get connected with those ridiculous holy writs. I just cannot get my head around those concepts. Those gods, those caricatures, are figments of someone’s imagination.

No dear reader, there is no religion here today. Indeed there is no religion around here any day. The Creator does not want you on your knees, preying for your soul, or begging for forgiveness. All the Great IS wants is for us all to wake up. That’s it. End of story, end of sermon, end of book. Your soul is intact, and there’s nothing to be forgiven for.

Yes, we need to work on our personal release from the illusion. From the nightmare. The means were given us, but the Way is up to the individual. You’ve got to walk your own Way, whatever that happens to be. There is no one way, and there are no fires, whips or pitchforks if you happen to get it wrong the first time. Or the second, or third … or the millionth.

Here’s are a several lines that if taken to heart are wiser than all those holy writs put together. They are from a song Johnny Cash sings and Bobby Bland wrote. It’s called Further Up The Road:
Further on up the road
Baby you just wait and see

You got to reap just what you sow
That old saying is true
You got to reap just what you sow
That old saying is true
Like you mistreat someone
Someone’s gonna mistreat you

As any motorcycle rider worth their salt will tell you, the road is the great leveler. The road sorts you out quick smart; Ride like a fool and you gonna end up banged up and gravel bit. Ride right, and things work out alright.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #153

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