The Thought I Woke Up With #179

Naked and Alone

It has been said that David Copperfield and Harry Houdini top the list of all time greatest illusionists. And although I ‘m no expert on stage-illusion, I believe those two men have few peers in the field of illusion and magic.

I do however know an illusionist vastly, infinitely indeed, superior to both David and Harry. YOU. Yes you, the one reading this.

Messrs.’ Copperfield and Houdini may be legends in the art of illusion, you however, are beyond legend. You not only create legends, you have created a world. An entire world of illusions.

There is a key difference between these master illusionists and you. These and other illusionists do not become attached to their illusions, because they know these deceptions are just that; tricks, sleight of hand deceits performed for fun and entertainment.

You on the other hand become attached to things you dream up. You identify with, and value yourself by, things that not only have no value, they emanate from a dream, or a nightmare, depending on your moods and propensities.

Look at this way. Nothing you kill yourself for, figuratively speaking, can be taken with you when you die. That might seem like an obvious, if not a little depressing, thing to say but bear with me. The intention is not to get you bummed out and depressed, the intention is to highlight the absurdity of life as it projects and presents out of your dream state.

In this dream-world possession is an obsession. This world is structured around, and runs on, possession.

The more one owns the more successful, the bigger winner, one is deemed and regarded as being. It is quite mad. Particularly when you take into account the fact that other human beings are sought as possessions. One human wants to own other humans. To have them branded as goods and chattels.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, Those days are behind us. The ugly days of slavery are forever gone. But are they? Really. To think the world is free of slavery is to have ones head stuck firmly in the sand.

Slavery is only one example of humans being possession mad. Look at the subtler, socially acceptable, lawful and divinely sanctified conventions and rituals; marriage and similar conjugal frameworks for example.

My wife. My husband. My kids. My girlfriend. My, my, my. What does that even mean? That these persons are owned? Well yes. That’s what it means. I love you, so I own you. So there! No wonder so many relationships fail even before they get out of the starting blocks.

Look at the very idiocy of it. How many humans have died in the name of freedom? Freedom is everything right? Yet, here we are, pretending to own each other. I own you. I own my kids. I own my dog.

The reality of it is we own nothing. We don’t even own ourselves. When you meditate you truly realize that you don’t even own yourself. And if you don’t meditate, you can confirm this by the way life runs. By the way you feel. And what is it we are endeavoring to do through religion, spirituality or whatever self-realization way you may be using to penetrate that higher consciousness? Self-realization is but an effort to return to the One who “owns us.”

All this pretending, posturing and “owning” is but an illusion within an illusion.

The reality is you arrive here alone and empty-handed, and you leave here alone and empty-handed.

So what’s it all about Elfie?

What is that gap, between coming naked and alone, and leaving empty handed and alone? A useless waste of time and space; a sixty, seventy, eighty, or whatever year lamentable, empty life parenthesis?

Not if …

If one turns mind and directs effort towards the seeking of awareness life is never wasted. And that’s not some airy-fairy spiritual type concept. That is an absolute fact. One of the very few absolute facts to be found here. Here is part of the reason why:

Only the timeless, the eternal, is true. Seeking awareness brings you in touch with the eternal.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #179

The Thought I Woke Up With #178

Bribing the gods

Human beings have been making sacrifices to the gods from the moment of “birth.”

Everything has been offered; milk, cheese, fruit, wine, through to exotic birds, animals, mammals and reptiles. You name it and it’s gone up in smoke on some altar someplace, including human sacrifices.

It was all part of the begging, imploring, appeasing and bribing the gods to be kind, to ensure good harvests, provide safe winters, engender happy families, break droughts, increase libido, heal the sick, farewell the dead, drive fish into the nets and wild beasts into the snares, sanctify marriages, safeguard travels, deliver healthy goats, assist hair regrowth and whatever else the supplicant can dream and come up with.

Basically, anything the human mind conjures up as desirable, there’ll be a sacrifice to try and cajole the gods to deliver. Humans are big on sacrifice. There’s no price too high or absurdity too bizarre. If there’s a desire for it, there’s a whack job someplace ready and willing to pull on a robe and get the ceremonies started.

Even children have been sacrificed throughout history. If you think that’s bad and insane enough think again; think, Take now your son, your only son, whom you love, Isaac, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I will tell you.

And, For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

To this very day millions still chant this stuff, so we can’t turn a blind eye and pass it off as some kind of prehistoric peculiarity and ignorance. Let’s get real. The architecture’s changed, horses have been replaced by motor vehicles, Neil and Buzz took a stroll on the moon and you can have movies on demand, but, behind the façade of civilization and progress the original monster still thrives. There are lunatics still chopping off heads and committing unspeakable acts of atrocity in the name of god as we speak.

The working class still does the work and preys for a break, the wealthy throw crumbs at them, smile their practiced smiles, and the world turns.

Church and State, both equally malevolent, both equally evil, both sucking the lifeblood out of the decaying corpse called humanity are flourishing.

Then you have spirituality. You know what true spirituality is? Nothing more than this: True spirituality is simply learning the truth about yourself.

There is no need for sacrifices, elaborate rituals, gold chalices, altars or places of worship. Jesus Christ didn’t need a church building to speak about Love and Truth. Buddha didn’t need an elaborate temple. No. What for? Nor did they pass the plate around. Money? Why would Jesus and Buddha want your money? They were not businessmen. Businessmen are mostly part of the problem. Not for being in business, but for losing their soul to it.

Opulent and ostentatious buildings, gold and treasure are not needed to look within the self, where you will find all you seek.

If you are by chance still wondering why the human race has been obsessed with making sacrifices from the instant it took up residence here, it’s because fear is its birth mother. There’s a reason babies are born crying.

Until tomorrow,



The Thought I Woke Up With #178

The Thought I Woke Up With #177

Even in Jail You Can be Free

We are responsible for our lives, for everything that happens to us. There are no accidents. There are only experiences. Everything is of the Self.

The question generally asked following a statement such as the one above is, Why does Self create pain and misery, for itself? It makes no sense. Isn’t the Self part of Creation? Part of the Creator Itself? And aren’t those Love?

The answer is yes and yes. Yes the Self is part of Creation and the Creator, forever. And yes, those things are Love.

To answer the big question, let me pose a couple of smaller ones  which deal with some human oddities, let’s call them.  Why does a woman marry a man she knows deep down will drink himself silly, come home, and abuse her?

Why does a person smoke 40 plus cigarettes a day full well knowing the consequences?

Why do people take illicit drugs, share far too much personal information on social networking sites, repeatedly get drunk as a skunk and drive, or, drive at crazy speeds in built-up areas?

In other words why do we things, knowing they can quite easily lead to injury or death, when in all reality we don’t want to get hurt or die?

We do those things because deep, deep down we feel indestructible. We feel our reality. Our immortality.

The great Rumi said, “The Ego is a veil between humans and God.”

That quote means, between itself and the Creator, the Self, (You) has placed a veil. Hung a curtain if you will.

That veil, that curtain, is like a movie screen upon which life is projected and plays out. It isn’t real but it’s interesting. So interesting that it’s got your full attention. But like any movie, ultimately, it is of no great consequence and has no bearing whatsoever on reality.

So when something seemingly dangerous is being played out you feel the fear, squirm and tremble but you at all times know it’s a movie. And when the movie is over, you’ll get up and carry on.

So when someone says, you are responsible for everything in your life. It’s true. But instead of feeling awkward, guilty, inadequate or perhaps ashamed, do understand that whatever you are living, you can change in a heartbeat.

Easy for you to say Nick! But you don’t know my life. The troubles I have, the issues, the responsibilities, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Thing is, I do know. I know this also— there is nothing in your life, right now, that you cannot change. The only variable being, the time it takes for the new you to flourish and manifest.

Here’s what I mean by ‘the time it takes.’ Say you are reading this in a jail cell. And you have a set time before your release. You’ve got more time to do. No jailbreaks please, unless that’s the new you- on the run and living on the edge with bloodhounds on your trail 24/7. I strongly advise against it, but hey! No judgments right?

Let’s say however you’re in the cell and you decide to turn your life around. In your mind that will happen as soon as you decide. You’ll feel different, you’ll start thinking different, acting different and being different. You will however need to finish your sentence because that’s how things are. Once you’re out you’ll be a new person.

Our lives are of our own making. Our lives can be what we want them to be. Assuming we have the knowledge, AND the courage, to do what we want to do.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #177

The Thought I Woke Up With #176

Everyone used to be a bludger!

Remember the time, der reader, when everyone used to be a bludger? For those not au fait with Aussie slang, a bludger is a lazy, shiftless, good-for-nothing. Idly lazing about letting things look after themselves?

No? You don’t remember that time?

Me either. As long as I can recall people have worked for the things they wanted, raised kids, paid bills, saved as best as they could, and generally did whatever it took to try and make life as comfortable as possible.

Sure there were always exceptions but the vast majority of people have always done an honest days work for an honest days pay, plus some.

So, if life has always been busy, why is it that these days, with all the mind-blowing technological advances, meant to make life easier, busy lives have become hectic lives?

Ask almost anyone and they will tell you that it is important to have time alone. Time to just relax and let the mind roam. And I’m not talking about spiritualists or the religious folks. I am talking about literally anyone. So it isn’t about ignorance.

It isn’t about education or the socioeconomic status either. I remember during my time in the corporate environment. You’d get busy executives spending very few days at home with partners and kids. What with the travel, endless meetings everyone claims to hate but never does anything to reduce the number of, and responsibilities that necessitate inordinate office time? What’s a person to do?

Here’s the funny thing though. Many of these executives, upon changing roles or leaving the jobs with heavy travel schedules get divorced a short while later.

What is it than?

What is it that drives humans to not only repeat the same patterns, over and over but to in fact exacerbate pains and miseries?

There are several reasons for this continued going in circles like the proverbial mouse on the proverbial wheel.

Think of the last time you were in noisy room. At a party or something like that. When you couldn’t, “hear yourself think.”

How does one get away form such a situation? The noise? How does one extract oneself?

The answer is twofold, and simple. Firstly one decides to get out of there. Secondly, one gets up and leaves.

Likewise with the wheel of undesired life patterns. And it is a wheel. Look at it. What happens when they find a cure for a deadly disease? They look under their microscope and identify three different ones. It never ends. It never ends because you are still on the wheel. Get off the wheel. Get off the wheel and let it go on spinning without you.

How to jump off the wheel though? It can’t be that simple … just decide and get off!

Yes it is that easy. That’s the first step, decide. It’s that easy. The hard part is wanting to.

Once the decision to get off has been made the second is even simpler. You get off. You make changes that will allow for self time. One on one with a loved one time. And things that we do together time; things that make us happy as a unit, time.

Here’s the potential fly in the ointment. Do you really want to spend time with whom ever it is you’re meant to?

If the heartfelt answer is no. Don’t use the old “I’m so busy.” Make the changes. Find someone who will make you rush home, not stay away.

It’ll be better for all concerned.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #176

The Thought I Woke Up With #175

What is hell?

This is my snapshot of hell. As experienced many years ago. The scene: me and my  school buddies are sitting in a classroom. It is a classic, old-fashioned, classroom; drab and dull walls; large blackboard, scratched desks. We range in age between 12 and 13.

The room is hot, stifling, but no one dares move for fear of attracting his attention, and ire. He only knows ire.

Dressed in a dark brown habit, with a large cross hanging around his neck, he prowls the rows, silently, as if gliding along the wooden floor. Slung over his left shoulder is a long, thick, leather strap.

He stops at my little desk. I dare not look up but I can feel his presence. My heart quickens. Quickens? No there’s no quickening, it’s a size 11 tremoring. Yes, size 11. Only reason Mr Richter went to 10 with his magnitude scale is because he never met Him!

I’m hoping against hope he’ll move onto the next desk. Better my friend Luigi than me, right? Luigi’s an attention seeker anyway. But no. He lingers in my space. After what seems the proverbial eternity he speaks. It’s a low hissing sound rather than a human voice. “Where is your homework?”

I look up and as softly and respectfully as I can manage stammer, “I did not under…”

Before I can finish. Before I can tell him I didn’t understand the assignment he acts. The speed and fluidity of the movement defies time and space. He grabs the strap with his right hand and brings it down full force across my face and head. The pain is awful, really bad, but it’s the nonchalant cruelty that’s truly frightening. Then like a well practiced fast-draw gunslinger, he shoulders the strap and calmly hisses, “Get it done tomorrow.” He sounds aroused.

I wasn’t at that school long. Not did I learn anything there. But it served as a great lesson.

Evil is not restricted to the so-called hell. You don’t go to a place and in that place resides malevolence, sin, depravity heinousness and grubby little men hiding their twisted hates behind robes and crosses. And in that place you are tormented, abused and brutalized.

Hell, like heaven, is within the person. Both are available at any time. Heaven and hell aren’t a place, they are a mind space. Which one is occupied depends on the choices we make.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #175

The Thought I Woke Up With #174

Who wants the truth?

I put it to you, dear reader, that very, very few people want to know the truth. They pretend they do but look closer, through the eyes of Love, and you very quickly realize the opposite is true. And once that realization hits, you almost immediately arrive at another understanding; why the great lie called religion is, and has almost forever been, the trick compass humanity uses in its alleged fervent search for heaven, nirvana or whatever sign different religions have stuck on their final destination of rapture.

The compass called religion is for sure and certain a trick compass. But it isn’t faulty. No. In fact it is very accurate. It has its own true north and everything. The trick part is in the fact that it leads away from the True North. That place where God, the Creator, actually is. The trick compass on the other hand has its true north leading to conclusions.

Religions, philosophies, articles of faith, credos and suchlike lead to definite conclusions. My religion is best. My god is the only true god. My philosophy represents the truth of the matter, I am an atheist and I know there is no god or Creation, blah, blah, blah.

Everything that leads you to a firm conclusion leads away from the truth.

Once you have reached a conclusion, you set about defending it, at all costs. The truth no longer matters. You have your conclusion. You don’t want to know the truth, it becomes an inconvenience and an outright threat. So truth is shut out. Conclusion rules.

And what are human beings crazy about? Conclusions.

Conclusions are dangerous. We have countless conclusions, and we have a very dangerous world. You see, it follows. Conclusions equal, war. Seeking truth, equals peace. Show me a zealot and I’ll show you someone nailed to the cross of their conclusion. And brother those nails are holding firm.

The idea therefore is to put everything you feel strongly about, fervently about, up for examination. Hard to do? Yes indeed, yes indeed. Takes a lot of undoing to let mind run free. But how else will you hear the sweet, sweet sounds of Truth.

Creation, or Love if you prefer, is not arrived at through conclusions, through logic. This is beyond logic. Beyond mind. Mind must be ascended. You must ascend beyond the mind before the heavens will open up, so to speak.

This heaven we speak of is a state where there is no friction, no drag or gravity. It is a state of ease and ecstasy, and beautiful delight. This is a state of let-go, this is Home.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #174

The Thought I Woke Up With #173

I love you SO much, but …

Ever have someone look at you and say, “I love you.” Or, “I love you so much, and I always will.”

I do believe that chances are pretty good most people have had that experience at least once. Some a few times, even.

It’s nice, isn’t it? Makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.

But, and here come that that pesky old but! But should be removed from the vocabulary, it’s like a fly that keeps landing on your dinner plate.

But, what that other person is really saying, 99.9% of the time, and you, my dear reader, may be a smidge tainted with this blame-brush also, is, “I will love you for as long as it suits my view of what love is, and the repays I expect in return keep coming.”

True love, or unconditional love if you will, doesn’t ask, or look, for anything in return. Indeed it is incapable of bartering, demanding or haggling. It does however, by default, receive, in the very instant it gives, the most glorious gift and priceless benefaction anyone can ever receive; the gift of more love.

Those that cannot give unconditionally, on the other hand, are turned back into the cold, to forage and scavenge amongst the meager ego offerings.

Loving truly is sharing unconditionally.

Loving conditionally is embracing greed, it is hoarding favours and emotions which are to be traded at a later date. Loving conditionally is adding layers to the Holy Onion, the Self.

Indeed loving conditionally is a form of self-revulsion; it says clearly, when understood, I am incapable of accepting love for myself and will not allow you to have it either. We can only offer that which we posses. Love gives love, hate gives hate. It is a very simple concept.

Here is how powerful giving love is. The more you love the more the Creator gives you. Now there’s as powerful a statement as you are ever likely to hear.

The Creator, or God if that’s your bag and preference, offers of itself directly, every time you give love to another.

There are only two ways to live life, as things stand. Love or self-revulsion.

The person who lives in self-revulsion is greedy, anxious, often violent, deeply unhappy, aggressive and egotistical.

The person who lives in love is caring, sharing and light hearted.

Whatever you give and do to people, you are giving and doing to yourself.

There is no greater feeling in existence than giving love. Giving is a pleasure, giving is a joy, giving is freedom. Giving is being at one with the One.

Is there heaven on Earth?


When you are giving love, unconditionally, you are experiencing heaven.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #173