The Thought I Woke Up With #148


An enormous amount is said about respect. Everyone wants it for starters. People have killed, and been killed, in its name. Even after death respect is thought of as an issue; Respect for the dead, is the big catch cry. Like the dead give two pineapples about respect.

It seems to me, this respect thing is an issue to those who don’t have it for themselves. A man who is said not to have respect for women, for example, really hasn’t an issue with women. The woman standing in front of him isn’t his problem. His problem is the ugliness and turmoil within his own mind.

All violence is an expression of self-hate. She / he disrespected me, is just a weak excuse.

Life isn’t that complex, to worry and think about respect. Don’t go swindling people, lying to them or harming them. Treat humanity the way you’d like to be treated, talk to them the way you enjoy being talked to and you’ll find that generally you’ll get by pretty well.

Show me a person who has spent time learning about, and getting to know themselves, through self examination and I’ll show you a person who could care less about respect. That’s because when that process has been completed there is no opinion. Opinion is after all but judgment; I respect this, but don’t respect that. I like you but I can’t stand her, and so on and so forth. All those things are replaced by understanding.

Seeking respect shows a distinct lack of understanding. Self-appreciation and Self-love negate the need to judge. Once the heart knows the way home, what anyone thinks ceases to make any difference whatsoever.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #148

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