The Thought I Woke Up With #147

Is Life Important?

Everyone thinks himself or herself special, important, unique, the center of the universe it has been expressed as. And that’s fine, normal in fact. Ego’s version of normal anyway. That’s what ego does, that’s what ego is, end of story. Ego is about specialness, which really translates into separateness.

Everyone also knows the truth- although pretending otherwise is an art form- no one is special. Everyone ends up in the same place. Living the ego life is no different to watching a fish out of water; the fish hits the alien environment in shock and fear. It struggles and thrashes and flails about for a while, until the end finally comes.

Bleak and depressing description? An even bleaker analogy, of human life? Would it be more comforting to pretend and say instead; Life is a wondrous gift from god; a beautiful comedy-drama, like that Italian movie, La vita è bella- Life Is Beautiful? The film uses the atrociousness of a Nazi concentration camp for comedy purposes. Vile? No more vile than it was to allow Hitler to get as far as he did. No more vile than it is to allow similar minded evil monkeys to rise to power almost on a daily bases. Look at what is going on in the Middle East. In Zimbabwe, North Korea and the rest.

Everyone may well be special. But it just so happens that some are clearly more special than others, with bigger guns and an even bigger thirst for blood and tyranny.

So what can you do about all this, dear reader?

Two things. One, understand what ego is all about. No rose coloured glasses. See the setup for what it truly is.

And two, dedicate yourself to finding love, joy and happiness. None of which are in ego.

Life IS what we make it. That’s a fact. Chasing ego rewards of silver rings and shiny bobbles renders life worthless. What do silver rings and golden bobbles matter when it’s over? When life has been wasted on such trivialities?

Used for the betterment of Self, for joy and happiness and helping others, life becomes a road to salvation. A joyous celebration.

An even simpler way to look at it is that we’re here anyway, right? There’s no getting around that. You’re here. May as well use the time for something that feels nice and is healthy, which as it happens will also liberate you.

Isn’t it better to give the time to beautiful things, lovely things, as opposed to ugly and negative ones. There really isn’t that much time to play with, much energy to squander upon wrath and vengeance, hatred and jealousy, meanness and pessimism.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #147

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