The Thought I Woke Up With #138

The Most Emotive Word Ever

Dear reader, let’s kick this off with a little quiz. A one question quiz, actually. What is the most emotive word in the English language? Sounds very official doesn’t it? That’s because we don’t muck about around here, so get to it. Just foolin’ with ya dear reader. We’re all about love and freedom around here.

I would like to know though,  what do you think the most emotive word ever, is?

Is it God? Love? Shame? Anger? Hate? Fear? Happiness? War? Death? Guilty? Fat?

The list could go further and you will most probably have other emotionally charged words in mind, however, I believe there is a word that outranks all others when it comes to emotional arousal. That word is Sex.

Sex is what Mark Twain would have called a lightening word. By lightening he meant words that evoke and engage emotion.

Think about it. Whilst the word God is very powerful, there are millions who don’t give two hoots about any divinity. Let’s face it there are a lot of atheists and unbelievers around.

Love too is a very powerful word, but what does it mean? It means a lot of different things to lot of different people.

Shame, with the passing of time, less and less becomes shameful. A shame really.

Like shame, the word guilt is losing its potency, as the world grows worldly, more jaded and generally fed-up and worn-out. Similarly with guilt, people are feeling less and less guilty. That’s not necessarily a bad thing by the way.

And so it goes, many words are losing their vigor. Getting old and tired. But not sex. Sex is still as fresh as a daisy and gets the antenna buzzing as it ever did.

So what is it about sex that keeps it strong and compelling? Simple really. Everyone indulges, at least at one time or another. Not forgetting a major detail of course— no sex no humans.

More than those things however, is the fact that human beings seem obsessed with sex. Everywhere you turn. Sex sells is a well-known catch cry, but more than that it is a well-known fact. Anything to do with sex and sexiness gets attention.

So whats wrong with so much attention and emphasis being placed on sex? Simple answer, nothing.

When used from a spiritual perspective sex becomes a stepping-stone to enlightenment. Much more basic than that is one simple fact;

A satisfying sexual experience is key to a successful and healthy relationship.

People seem to have an aversion to openly discussing and acknowledging the importance of sex in their lives. If only our infatuation with sex were translated into open and honest discussion and disclosure. If that was a fact there would be a great many more happy and fulfilled people around because without a mutually enjoyable sex life, relationships either turn unhappy and toxic or collapse completely.

Bottom line dear reader, don’t be shy about expressing your likes and dislikes, wants and desires, relative to your sex life.

Get it right and your relationship will be stronger, happier and quite possibly everlasting. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #138

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