The Thought I Woke Up With #131

A Message of Freedom!

Today, dear reader, one of the most freeing mind messages I have ever had the pleasure of sharing:

There is nothing to do. There is nowhere to be.

You may need to allow that to sink in, perhaps even for some time, because, on the surface that may seem like a living hell; unable to do anything and go anywhere. May as well be in a jail. In fact that very statement has been used to exemplify that very thing, i.e. zoo-kept animals. Not a bad analogy by the way, I happen to believe zoo’s are hideous places, worse than jails. Jails are sites of punishment and allegedly rehabilitation, animals have done nothing to deserve either. No animal should be kept in captivity, unless injured and then only until it is well enough to be released into its natural habitat. That however is a discussion for another day.

Within the context of this subject, namely spirituality, the message when embraced offers a most extraordinary freedom, a freedom only achieved through a direct experience of  Creation itself.

It’s a fairly safe assumption to make; people’s lives are busy. Often frantically so. With work and family commitments, food shopping, cooking, vacuuming, doing laundry, bill paying, commuting to and from work- and these are just some of the things occupying daily lives, there is precious little time left for rejuvenating through doing nothing, let alone communing with divinity.

Now, imagine for just an instant, that you have the freedom to do only what takes your fancy. No tricks, no penalties, no guilt. Just imagine literally, being free to do nothing at all if that happened to be your won’t, for as long as you want.

It’s even hard to imagine, isn’t it? And that’s okay. Lifetimes are spent in training for being under the yoke of this life and its machinations. Slave like and under pressure. Do this! Do that! Must this, must that. If you don’t you don’t survive. Doing means survival.

You think I’m exaggerating? Think about it. Human lives are no better than the life of animals being trained with a whip and a chair, and for many that can be taken factually; way too many youngsters are still beaten and abused into submission. Not to mention the conditioning and passive aggressiveness disguised as loving correction and education. This isn’t about laying blame by the way, this is simply stating facts as they stand.

The great thing about this freedom I am talking about is it can be experienced by anyone, whenever they choose to try.

So give it a try. Prove it for yourself.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #131

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