The Thought I Woke Up With #129

You want to heal the past?

Do you seriously want to heal your past?

If your answer was yes, here’s the best advice you’ll ever get in this here lifetime …

You can’t!

That’s right. Save yourself time, energy and agony. Stop with the foolishness and quit trying.

One of the most common, and damaging, errors people make is to believe the past can be healed.

Trying to heal the past- and excuse the crudeness, my beautiful and dear readers, you know I love you but I really must make this point clear and blunt- is no different to sprinkling a turd with icing sugar and calling it a chocolate éclair.

Not only is trying to heal the past futile, it is deadly, insofar as keeping oneself in pain, misery and ego controlled territory.

There is no pain, illness, disease, virus or heartbreak, no problem past or present that cannot be disposed of in the Now. Or, in the Moment if you prefer.

Trying to heal something that has happened isn’t possible. Ego encourages it because the whole ego existence is based on building castles in the sky, trying to make the impossible appear possible and mirages a reality.

How can you possibly heal a mirage?

You can’t. You don’t even try because you know to try would be insane, right?

In the Moment, there is no past or future, therefore, there is no healing because in that energy you don’t worry about mirages, why would you?

As someone said, ‘we don’t heal the past by dwelling there. We he heal the past by being fully in the present.’

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #129

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