The Thought I Woke Up With #128


A little snippet I wrote years ago came back to mind today: You don’t learn to ride a bike by reading books about riding bikes. You learn to ride a bike by getting on one and practicing.

Now aren’t you glad you read my blog? I mean where else would you get such practical and invaluable advice. Seriously, you may go off and jump upon a zebras back thinking it was a motorcycle, right?

Seriously though, dear reader, it’s not hard to figure out that quote simply means that there’s no way around action. For anything to happen, there needs to be activity. Even meditation, where stillness and inactivity is the ultimate challenge, there has to be activity insofar as getting into the groove and making meditation happen.

To think that ‘pennies will drop from heaven,’ is fooling oneself. That’s why I don’t go for the so-called law of attraction. You can only attract that for which you work, is Nick’s law.

A bricklayer learns his trade by working the bricks and mortar; a musician spends years practicing and rehearsing; likewise an athlete, a jockey, a carpenter, hairdresser, business manager and so on. It is no different with becoming master or mistress of your life; that, too, takes exercise. Learn to love one word, adopt it and get to understand it, clearly and unequivocally: the word DO! Don’t think about it, don’t theorize about it, don’t be afraid of it, just DO it!

Do what? Do life! From the heart and straight up.

It is also true to say that whenever we start something new, something out of our comfort zone, it will more than likely be a struggle to begin with, and may take some time and effort before becoming second nature. During the start-up phase, the natural response can be to say, “Hey, this isn’t going to work! This isn’t for me.”

To quit is to sell yourself short, to do yourself an injustice. Whilst it may be natural to question, it is never right or natural to quit before having sufficient information on which to base a decision.

And just by and by, stopping something because it isn’t right for you, IS the right decision. So long as doing so isn’t confused with quitting.

A very good rule to follow is: if it sounds good and feels right, try it and then, having tried it, decide.

So when that alarm goes off in the morning and your ego moans, “Let’s get serious here, this getting up early crap is for the roosters. What’s wrong with you? That’s the time to just get it done. Get up, stumble around, throw some water on your face and think, Yes. I can do anything I choose. I just got up.

For the Usain Bolt to be the fastest man on the planet, he needs to get out of the blocks first.

Let the talkers do the talkin’, become a doer! Take care of business. Your business.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #128

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