The Thought I Woke Up With #127

Death – Bring It On or Let It Come

This mornings thought was a little dark. Death. It was associated with the recent passing of someone I knew, as a result of a traffic accident.

Death is unconscionable to human beings, for many a varied reason, predominantly the enormous fear associated with it. Even uttering the word brings terror into the minds of many.

There is a reason for the great fear of death. The unknown. You don’t get to experience death but once. No trial runs, no training, no virtual reality ways of looking at it. It is the great unknown. The greatest unknown of all indeed.

Mention change, mention going into an unknown situation and the alert meter goes into meltdown. Look at the giant tanti humans throw on the first day of school, the shakes on the first day at a new job, and what about the first date, first lovemaking session, and lets not even bring up the first public speaking engagement.

There are those who claim that death is a highlight of the human experience, a transition from an undesirable existence into beauty and freedom.Bottom line, no one truly knows. The best anyone can do is share personal experiences and thoughts prior to the big event.

There is one thing that I find interesting, based on observation. In my experience, those who have lived a good and positive life, let’s call it, experience a more peaceful passing.

It doesn’t seem to matter as to the greatness or what the world would consider to be substantial achievements, or lack thereof, what seems to predicate the manner and quality of the last shuffle, is the inner peace attained whilst living the ego life.

Then there is an issue of voluntary euthanasia. In Australia it is illegal, however it is a live topic and has been for quite a while. My view on it fundamentally is; Do your thing. It’s your life. Who am I to argue the virtuousness and the morality of such an act? Who am I to tell a person suffering awful and unimaginable pain to “hang in there, let god decide.”

And I most certainly object to the grubby, and mostly corrupt politicians deciding on my behalf.

There is an Olympic champion, by the name of Marieke Vervoort. She won gold and silver in London and is currently competing in Rio.

Marieke Vervoort is a paralympian. In a Huffington Post, article I read about this remarkable woman a sentence got my attention: “Lately, during the many nights Marieke Vervoort spends awake and in pain, two things have been crossing her mind: gold medals and death.”

Reading further I learned that Marieke, has an incurable degenerative spinal disease, one that causes unimaginable pain. Pain so great she’s considering euthanasia after the Rio Games.

The 100m wheelchair sprint gold medalist, and 200m silver medalist told the French newspaper Le Parisian, “I suffer greatly, sometimes sleeping only 10 minutes a night ― and still go for the gold,” she said. “Rio is my last wish. I train very hard even if I have to fight day and night against my illness. I hope to finish my career on a podium in Rio.”

In 2002 this lady contracted the rare disease and ended up paralyzed. Two years later Belgium implemented what has been called, “the world’s most liberal law,” for physician-assisted suicide.

She told the Daily Express; “After Rio I will stop my sports career. I have a bucket list, including stunt flying, and I have started thinking about euthanasia.”

“My funeral, it’s not going to be in a church. It’s not going to be with some coffee and some cake,” she told France 2, as translated to English by The Independent. “But I want everybody to have a glass of champagne and to say, ‘Cheers, Marieke. All the best. You had a good life. Now you are in a better place.”

I do believe Marieke Vervoort has the right to call the shots … any way she likes.

Also, as a side note, the next time you feel a little down in the mouth, perhaps a little perspective may help: “I suffer greatly, sometimes sleeping only 10 minutes a night ― and still go for the gold,”  Not only is this lady a champion on the track, she’s a champion human.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #127

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