The Thought I Woke Up With #126

Karma– Fact or Fairytale

Freedom is a big deal with human beings. Huge. Some enjoy it. Others enjoy taking it away from others, and the majority yearn for, and covet, it.

But what is freedom? Really? Is it the ability to live without financial worries and constraints? Is it the capacity to move from place to place unrestricted? Or, is it the ability to speak freely, practice religion of choice, bear arms, live alternatively?

Although all of the above are important, none are true freedom.

True freedom is living in the Now. Or put another way, which means the same thing, living in the Moment.

Actually, to say living, in the Now / in the Moment is incorrect. We aren’t capable of living in that space, whilst we are experiencing our deviant ego stint. Living in, implies being in that state 100% of the time. Not possible. There is no such thing as permanency in ego. Ego is not permanent. What happens in ego, relative to the moment and the now, is being. We can most certainly be in the Moment. Indeed that is the way out of ego.

Being in ego is being in bondage. More than that, whilst in ego, we not only exist in a state of bondage, we create bondage. That is what karma is. Karma is bondage. Created whilst in the process of experiencing the ego state.

There is a common law called the Law of Necessity. Essentially, that’s when the defendant claims that they committed the act for which they are charged because not to do so would have meant loss of property or life.

That law applies perfectly to ego. Perfectly. Here’s why. Karma is ego’s common law. The law of creating slavery. Without karma ego expires. For ego therefore karma is a life or death necessity.

Karma assures the past is relived in the future. It’s a loop. On and on it goes, where it ends nobody knows … until …

… Until, you see the setup.

Until you realize that karma isn’t some romantic, cosmic love story, adventure or comedy. Karma is real, and karma is cruel and merciless.

Karma is the Slaver that keeps you chained on the ego plantation.

Being in the moment doesn’t mean battling ego. There is no internal war for your soul. Slipping into the Moment is calm and peaceful. Nothing is fought, nothing is destroyed or left broken and bleeding.

In the moment you simply experience the reality of Self and Creation. In the moment you are naked, so to say, you leave karma behind; there is no past, no future and no ego trips.

In the moment there is only peace, calm and the tremendous beauty of love.

When you are truly in the moment, you are truly beyond the city limits of ego and karma and all associated rubbish.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #126

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