The Thought I Woke Up With #122

What a beautiful war

War is as natural as breathing for mankind. Mothers weeping over dead sons, brothers grieving over brothers, children standing stoic, trying to understand what the funeral service really means. Death, destruction, winners, losers and spoils of war. All common practice, all accepted as facts of life.

Why is it that humanity cannot shake off the insanity of war? Is it because of greed, intolerance, colour of skin? Because of the gods of war? Dogs of war? Religion, territory, oppression?

Or is it as simple as humans being a bunch of sick puppies, who take pleasure in giving it to each other sideways? The uglier the kill the more it excites the inner maniac?

It’s all of the above and none of the above. All of the above because every one of those so called reasons are as good as the other as far it goes. Let’s face it we don’t need much of a reason to have a good old fashion bloodbath.

It is none of the above because all of the mentioned points are not legitimate reasons, they are excuses.

Fact of the matter is: HUMANS LOVE WAR and HATE LOVE.

But why? That is a most legitimate question.

Why would we love death and destruction? Why are we forever banging on about peace but always preparing for war?

Because we hate ourselves. The ego side of the split divinity is filled with self hate, rage, insanity and madness. When one is committing an atrocity upon another, it is in reality him or her self they are raging against.

Did you ever see a calm, beautiful, loving human commit atrocities against another? No you haven’t. And why is that? Because we offer to our brother and sister the thing which we posses.

And that is why, my dear reader, when we transform ourselves we shed the ego, remove the blocks, lay down the barriers and open the channels of communications with love.

In order to rid ourselves of war, we must first free ourselves of our inner fiends, erase old tapes and burn old scripts.

The rift within the Soul must be healed so that the united Soul once again rises into the heavens reclaiming its place on the right side of the Father.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #122

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