The Thought I Woke Up With #119

Individuality or Personality

Being an individual is a big thing with people and society. So big in fact that it’s almost an obsession. Everyone is an individual, just ask them. It’s a prize to clutch onto and behold. Look at me, look at me, how individual am I?

The ridiculous thing is, the more one tries to prove they are an individual, the more silly and ordinary they look.

Celebrities are the flag bearers when it comes to strutting their individuality. Have a look at them at award shows and red carpet events. Never was there a greater gaggle of sameness preceding to be individual.

These people wear the same, whatever happens to be in, ensembles, rock the same hair styles, share the same plastic surgeons, same botox, same silicon enhancements, same, I’m so bored, looks firmly plastered across their faces. They even say the same things, in the same way. Everything. Same. There are exceptions of course but these are few and far between.

Every now and then you’ll actually see someone who is a little bit different, go out of their way to join the sameness crowd. They get drunk to the gills, make fools of themselves, go on stage with imagination only covering the sacred bits, start dancing like chimps in heat, simulate sex acts, make the headlines and voila, look how much of an individual I am. Please.

What we are talking about here s personality, not individuality. Personality is a joke. A waste of space. Personality is given you by society, friends, the crowd you mix with. Ever hear of peer pressure?

True individuality comes when you shed personality and embrace Spirit. Your Spirit.

When in Spirit you do what you need to do, not what someone says you should be doing. There is no falseness about you and you  look and wear whatever you feel like; you have no one to impress. When in Spirit there is no one like you. Anywhere. Ever.

Again, as an example, look at celebrities. The very rare ones who actually are expressing their true Self. Adel comes to mind. She doesn’t need to twirk, get naked in public, or take selfies of her butt. She just sings. She’s a star because she is a star.

Individuality in Spirit gives you peace, lack of worry about anything or anyone because in Spirit you are being you. It gives you mastery. The other makes you a slave to others and society at large.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #119

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