The Thought I Woke Up With #117

Beyond Happiness

It seems we’re not finished with the happiness subject just yet. Yesterday I wrote: Put bluntly, egos version of happiness is not only a crock; it’s a dangerous crock because it uses deceits, twisted tenets and golden calves as laudable goals of worth and virtue.

To know happiness in ego, you must experience unhappiness. That’s just one of the nonsensical ego conditions. Happiness is therefore a worthless concept because it depends on an opposite. No different from life and death. In ego there is always duality; Good – bad. Sick – healthy. Evil – divine. Rich – poor. Beautiful – ugly, and so on and so forth.

Chasing happiness is therefore akin to chasing counterfeit money– worthless.

The endeavor should therefore be aimed at harmony and bliss. Harmony and bliss are beyond ego duality. Beyond happiness and unhappiness. When in the harmony and bliss space, one observes the goings on dispassionately. So when happiness comes one remains detached in the same manner as when unhappiness is passing through. It becomes a case of; Oh look, happy, or, oh look, unhappy. Neither emotion has control.

Meditation is a great vehicle for learning to become a watcher. Becoming a watcher means rising above the ego shenanigans and seeing them for what they are; tomfoolery produced by your own mind and serving only one purpose, diversion from Reality.

That’s it. That’s all that is happening, diversions playing out and keeping you from focusing on the reality of Self.

There is something I call the third energy. You create the third energy when you become an effective watcher. As an effective watcher you see the ego at work; the crazy contrasts. It is then that you become aware of a third element rising from within you. This is the third energy I talk about.

In this third energy is harmony and bliss within which you will find no duality, no contrasts, pressure, stress, anxiety, highs or lows. In this space you will just be. Still, peaceful, calm and undisturbed. Way beyond happiness.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #117

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