The Thought I Woke Up With #113


Human beings have since the moment of awareness suffered from an acute case of ASH.

You’ve not heard of that most diabolical malady? Don’t feel inadequate if you haven’t, dear reader, neither had I until it popped into mind a moment ago. It stands for Acute Self Hatred.

Human history is littered with mindless acts of destruction both against his fellows and the race as a whole. Regrettably, there are no signs that state of being is about to change any time soon.

Indeed the mad race to self-destruction has, if anything, intensified. For all the technological and allegedly intellectual advancements the human race is head first galloping towards mass obliteration.

The reason this mad suicide gallop isn’t being seriously addressed, yet alone brought to an end, by seemingly intelligent beings no less, is because the core of the cause is deeply hidden, marked, Never To Be Looked At. Instead other means of murder and mayhem are offered as culprits. The reason for this is obvious; if you don’t know the cause you’re not likely to find the cure. That’s just a self evident truth, when you think about it.

You see, as disgusting and blindly stupid as the so-called weapons of mass destruction are, these are not the core problem.

Neither is the core problem the never-ending wars, repeated genocide, or wide-reaching starvation that could be stopped almost immediately.

The core problem, the core reason, the human race has worked tirelessly at killing itself from the moment it came into being is- acute self hatred.

How else can you explain the ongoing poisoning of the air, the water and the soil? What better and more complete way is there to end life on planet earth?

The obvious question is why?

Why would an allegedly intelligent organism even contemplate doing such things to itself?

A catalyst that leads to the answer, is within a statement made by a man some two thousand years ago, when he said- “forgive them father they know not what they do.”

Unfortunately the statement as a whole has been dumped into religious realms thereby creating misunderstandings, and even worse, depriving humans of a cure to its most primal and basic problem.

The Jesus answer has nothing to do with religion perse and everything to do with an accurate assessment of an ill so powerful it has destroyed life and happiness since the beginning.

To persistently develop and refine means by which to kill members of ones own species is although despicable in the extreme, at least to some minute degree understandable. Actively destroying the environment which supports the entire life form is not.

When I say a part of the answer rests within the Jesus statement, I mean to say that we do not need the father’s forgiveness. The father has not condemned us. We need to forgive ourselves. Self forgiveness means self acceptance. Self acceptance means seeing the world, and the Self, with a brand new set of eyes.

We need to look at the- they know not what they do- part of the statement.That means genuinely and honestly asking:

Why am I doing this? Why am I living like this? Why am I accepting things that make no sense whatsoever, things that do not make me happy?

We need to embrace a mantra of a different kind, a mantra that says, simply, Everything that happens in this life should have one purpose only, to make me happy.

If it doesn’t make you happy, it shouldn’t be.

And ASH should be one of the first to go!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #113

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