The Thought I Woke Up With #111


People get angry. It happens to everyone. It is common and there is no shame in it. Anger, like sorrow, love, happiness, pride, humbleness and so on is part of life.

Anger is a common human energy. Also common are the varying degrees of anger, which range from mild to white hot, as well as that most of the time a person knows the reasons for becoming angry, even those for whom anger is the go-to reaction for emotional bullying know.

Not so common are those times when one wakes up angry. There appears to be no reason for it. You were sleeping, resting, and on waking you feel angry and irate.

The first thing to do is to understand anger and its purpose in ego. Anger is energy. Your energy. Just like love, humility and modesty amongst others it emanates from you.

The purpose of anger is that it energizes the ego. By that I mean, have you noticed how excited and tremendously emboldened you are when angry?

All sense, reason and feeling are obliterated when anger kicks in. Even fear, ego’s number one power-tool, steps back.

Anger for ego is a win-win-win. Whilst angry you feel invincible. When the outburst is over you either feel embarrassed and contrite because you were foolish and wrong, or, validated because the cause of the outburst was right and true.

To ego the cause and outcome are of no consequence. What is important to ego is the act of anger itself. When you are angry you are firmly in ego. And for ego that’s as good as it gets.

The cure for anger is not to fight it. Even those for whom anger is the go-to reaction, or a proven tool for bullying, fighting the energy is not the answer. Fighting the energy is a means of further enlivening it, energising it and an absolute exercise in futility. It is futile because when you fight it, you are literally fighting yourself. That’d be like jelly wrestling yourself … and the winner is …

To cure anger one needs to do exactly the opposite to fighting it. One needs to embrace it.

Another false cure many go for when trying to control anger is suppression. Think about something else and it’s go away. Prey. Chant. Do your mantra.

Suppression chases it away. Suppressing things is like playing hide and seek with your self. You suppress a thing; the thing hides and waits for an opportune time to resurface. That is the reason things that haunt a person throughout life keep recurring, keep haunting, so to say.

Anger must be embraced. Looked at. Studied. Understood. Do NOT fight your energies, get to know and understand your energies. A stranger is only mysterious until you get to know them.

Your anger is only anger until you get to understand it and its causes. Then, when you know, you can respond correctly and then, no more anger.

Knowing is power. Back in the day, some societies viewed the solar eclipse as a demon swallowing the moon. It was collapse to the knees and prey for the best time.

As far as waking up with anger is concerned, the reason is simple. Mind never sleeps. Mind is working 24/7.

If you were able to record the thoughts going through mind whilst you were sleeping the reason for waking up angry would be blatantly obvious.

The way to address and rectify waking up angry is therefore the same as dealing with any anger. Get into the feeling. Dive into the energy and the understanding will soon enough present.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #111

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