The Thought I Woke Up With #109

Today, a GREAT Lesson

Yes, dear reader, today, the Voice, reiterated a great and powerful lesson. And it is this, written exactly as it was delivered:

There are no lessons to be learned here.

This may come as a great disappointment to those who claim the reason for our being here, on the Blue Planet, in ego, is ‘to learn lessons.’

My immediate response has been, what lessons may those be, exactly?

The answer is invariably something about life lessons aimed at shaping the physical self and the Soul.

Now, while it’s true that in ego, lessons are force-fed from cradle to grave, these aren’t lessons aimed at improving the self. They are for the most part meaningless time wasting diversions keeping one from focusing on the reconciliation with the Self and by extension, Creation.

As for reshaping the Soul? That’s like saying, Listen here God, been meaning to talk to you about some ideas I have about you improving yourself, can you dig it, big guy?

Consider this. The children of Creation, sons of the True God, (as opposed to the one that appears in the bible) and created in His image, which means they too are perfect in every way, separate themselves from God, in thought only, and dream up a nightmare they call ego life. And all of a sudden an instant error is an exercise in meaningful lessons and Soul shaping? Perfection creating imperfection so as to learn perfection? Say what?

There are no lessons to be learnt here. The only thing worth doing here is turning this nightmare over to the Higher Self to use as means of undoing the mess and getting out.

Ego is incapable of teaching one, single, solitary lesson that is of any use to Reality.

There are no lessons to be learned here, there is only a bad dream from which to wake.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #109

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