The Thought I Woke Up With #108

Why prayers don’t work

Millions look to the sky for answers on a daily bases. And that’s fair enough because that’s where the answers ultimately are I suppose, upstairs, at least figuratively speaking.

Unfortunately, apart from looking in the kind of, semi-right direction, there’s nothing else that’s right or proper or useful, when it comes to prayers.

Consider this dear reader. Let’s say the god people preyed to actually did exist, why wouldn’t he answer their prayers?

What kind of all-loving, all-caring, all-benevolent god would turn a deaf ear, so to say, to his children’s heartfelt imploring and beseeching? What kind of lowlife god would do that?

Answer- no true god would. And, the Creator doesn’t.

Indeed the Creator, the Eternal Truth, has guaranteed the safety and security of all his creations. That was done in the instant the created erred and made for themselves this thing called ego.

So now what we have, is an illusion, the ego made human, preying to an illusion, the bible god. And people wonder why things aren’t working out.

In my recently released book, Him & Me I address this issue as follows:

Eternal Truth is not a genie in the bottle, granting wishes and performing tricks. Even a tiny amount of honest contemplation would reason that out. Let us for a moment, however, assume that Eternal Truth was on the other end of the line, listening to the ego ravings. What meaning would typical ego prayers have for the Creator? Can I have a better car, a nicer home, a pay rise? God, can you fix my leaking roof? Can you help me buy little Johnny a nicer pair of shoes? Can you help me bed that cute girl at work? Can you help the wife get pregnant? Can you help me kill my enemies and win the war? Can you get rid of the boil on my rump, please, god?

The Creator doesn’t need to hear prayers. The Creator has done what needs to be done for everyone’s resurrection.

He has done His part long ago. All that remains is for His creations to do theirs.

Put another way, the Creator has made the road, we need to do the walking.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #108

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