The Thought I Woke Up With #105

Your Higher Self

There aren’t too many people who have not heard about the ego and the Higher Self. The ego self is the one that drags itself out of bed at the sound of the alarm. Traipses into the bathroom and shaves, plucks, prunes, applies colognes and products, dresses in accordance with expectations and joins the mind-numbing traffic jams on the way to work. That’s the one you see in the mirror, in case you’re wondering.

The Higher Self on the other hand neither needs nor has a body but understands your need for one and will use it to aid your healing and ultimate recovery. It is often portrayed as a white light or energy.

It is that part of you that remains as it was created. Unchanged and forever in the heart of creation. It is the part of you that will help you overcome the ego and return to full awareness.

What the Higher Self says is this: Brother, I can overcome everything you have made to keep yourself prisoner here. Nothing you do, say and project do I find repulsive, ugly, evil or undesirable. None of it. Let me help you transform all your tools of self-torture and imprisonment into tools of freedom. Sometimes you will forget to do so, sometimes you will be afraid, but do not worry; as you keep trying the strength of our bond will develop and together we will triumph. It is destined. Our love will set us free.

Why did mind bring this up? Two reasons. Firstly, your Higher Self is THE REAL YOU. Prove it to yourself, listen to its Voice and you will hear it. There is no ambiguity, magic or tricks. Just listen.

And secondly, by turning to the Higher Self you will turn to Love itself.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #105

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