The Thought I Woke Up With #104

If only I’d win the lottery

I was speaking with a friend a little while ago about his trip to Dalmatia. He had been visiting with extended family on one of the islands there and was taken with how relaxed and happy the locals were, particularly in view of their lack of wealth.

In turn, these Dalmatian Islanders were impressed, and even a little envious when my friend talked about his house, car, and various other trappings of the Australian middle-class. Their demeanor quickly changed however when my friend explained how much time the “wealthy Aussies” spend working.

It seemed to my friend there was a role reversal between the middle-class Australia and Dalmatian Islanders. They spent more time socializing than working, whereas the Australians did the reverse. And therein was the answer, my friend said. They are happy because they haven’t been seduced by wealth.

Happiness is all about perspective. Unfortunately in the West people have been sold a fake perspective, a great big lie, that being- hard work is a virtue and money buys happiness.

The truth is infinitely different. Hard work isolates, gets you tired, stressed and wears you out. And money can’t buy happiness.

Hard work and money are not natural companions of happiness.

Crazy thing is everyone knows these things. Yet like lemmings rushing for the big drop they continue fervently toiling at their own demise. Nor am I putting anyone down; I used to be the champion of work is god. I’m talking from experience.

Not only do humans know the folly of working too hard and funning too little they announce it at every opportunity. ‘My job sucks,’ is a mantra! How many humans do you know that spring out of bed when the alarm goes off and can’t wait to clock on? One? Two? Do you know any?

It is a sad state of affairs. And when you consider the monumental volume of time spent at work it’s greater than sad, it’s just wrong.

Why do we do it?

Same reason people believe in murderous gods, allow tyrants to rule and put up with being ripped off by the banks. Conditioning.

What’s the difference between the slaves of old and current day workers? The plantation owners have got smarter and sophisticated.

When the day arrives, when the common man wakes up, the bosses be puffing cigar smoke from their bottom ends.

Consider for a moment, those things that bring happiness and you will note that they do not involve money. Being with someone you enjoy, or love, ushers in happiness. Just being with them, hanging out and doing mundane things with them becomes a joy.

Whenever you are with someone you love you laugh more, you don’t think about issues. You are relaxed, food and drink even taste better.

When you eat a piece of cake, or chocolate, and you close your eyes because it tastes so good, that’s happiness.

Or how about when you’re doing something that means a lot to you, when getting it right is important, when the simple reward may be a smile, a hug and a heartfelt, Thank you.

You lose yourself in such tasks and before you know it hours have passed. You were in the moment the whole time. Everything else but the task melted away.

Reading a book can transport you into another dimension entirely. As can playing a game of chess, or scrabble, or tennis or whatever else takes your fancy.

None of the things mentioned, and there are many, many others, require money.

Things that make you happy are the things that transport you into the Now, into the moment. Happiness happens in the Now.

Money can’t get into the Now. You need to leave it at the door. Could that be the reason you can’t take anything earthy with you when you leave?

Having money, or not having money isn’t the issue though. Happiness is a matter of perspective. Bottom line, if you can’t be happy poor, you can’t be happy rich either.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #104

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