The Thought I Woke Up With #101

Old muso’s sing the best songs

Life is a transformation. There is no other meaningful reason for it. This point is extremely difficult for people to accept, yet it is absolutely, completely and utterly true.

There is no meaning to life. Except as a transformation– transformation back into our original state. That is the only thing the Creator is in agreement with regarding this ego state.

If that sounds harsh to you, take off the rose coloured glasses and have a god hard look at life and this planet, and see, that at the end your days even if you happen to be hugely successful in terms of goods, chattels, and earthly love none of it is worth anything. To anyone.

When used for transformation back into the original state on the other hand, life takes on a meaning that is mind-blowing in its splendor and grandeur.

Generally speaking, the transformation is a gradual, step-by-step, process. That is not to say time cannot be leapfrogged, however that is an exception rather than a rule.

As each personal block, that has been jammed in place between ego and the Self is removed, one comes closer to the Higher Self, the part of you that has never left Creation and the part with which you will reunite. The split never really happened of course, but, so long as we believe it has, it may as well have.

You know what the split from Creation can be likened to? A magician sawing a girl in half.

The girls body is in a box, head and feet showing. The magician takes a sharp saw and starts hacking through the middle, when done, the box is separated; lower torso and the feet go this way, head and upper torso that way. The crowd gasps. Everyone knows it’s an illusion but they make believe. So it is with the so-called separation from Creation. That too is an illusion.

Reunification with Creation is  learning to see behind the trick.

The initial stages of life are automatically wasted, you could say; growing up, maturing, standing on ones own two feet, going to school and so forth. Followed by a period of sewing ones “wild-oats,” finding a partner, getting a career going, children, family bills and the rest.

The gaining of wisdom, at best, happens in the late twenties early thirties. It generally happens after hardship, when one is desperate for some respite from the stupifying monotony and futility of life. When one craves another way, a better answer, a more meaningful purpose or whatever. Hard times very often bring the best results.

It is with age that wisdom is invited in. No great Master / Teacher, became such in his teens. Even the “Son of God” didn’t hit his straps until he was in his thirties. The coming of wisdom comes with age and experience and seeing that ego really has no answers whatsoever.

It’s like a young musician trying to sing the blues, or heavy love songs, it may sound nice, and they may hit the right notes, but the message just doesn’t mean anything.

Bottom line, your life is your song. It may start out as a song of tragedy, wild wickedness, devil worship, crime, drugs, hate, violence, sickness, futility and whatever else mind is capable of conjuring up.

And, like all good songs, yours can change. Like all good songs, yours too can have a happy ending. You can change the tune at any time. Turn your song into one of love and freedom, joy and happiness, flowering of consciousness and blossoming spirituality.

You can turn your song into anything you like, actually!

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #101

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