The Thought I Woke Up With #99

The good old days

Ahhh the good old days, when men were men and women cared about the difference. When belts were worn above the ass, not below it. When good guys wore white hats and never did bad things.

When going out on a date meant holding hands and stealing a kiss at the movies, if you got lucky. When girls never swore and let the boys pay the cheque. When you called your girl on a landline, and spoke in hushed tones as if plotting a crime, while mum and dad eavesdropped.

When there was no Facebook or Twitter and photos took a week to develop. When you used to nibble on your girls ear … when you still had teeth?

Ahhh, yes, what happened to the good old days, you know, dirty attics, tuberculosis and general all-around suffering? (As Arnold Wesker, puts it)

Good ole days, are good ole lies. And a good ole waste of time; using precious moments to fantasize about something that never existed.

One moment in the Now is worth all the memories of good old days combined.

If you ever wanted to know what the good old days were like, check out the good old now days. Not much has changed, except appearances.

People say that looking at the past, dwelling on it, is useless. It isn’t. It is definitely useful– to the ego, because it wastes the opportunity to be in the Now. That’s why ego loves the good old days.

And never forget, the time, the moment, will come when this will be all over. Don’t be one of those who says, I wish I’d have …

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #99

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