The Thought I Woke Up With #96

The reason you’re unhappy is …

This morning’s waking thought was none too subtle; The reason you are unhappy is because you have disconnected from your Maker.

Many know this on the intellectual level, that is, they have learnt it from a professional speaker, a book maybe, or it come up in conversation over dinner. Knowledge, however, isn’t wisdom.

Knowledge is an ego concept. Knowledge stifles the getting of wisdom. They say that ‘knowledge is power.’ Power over what? Power over whom? Only in ego is power important and only in ego does power have meaning. Power as practiced within ego is tyranny. I have the position, I am the boss, you will do as I say or I will fire you. And if I fire you your family will go hungry.

I have a university degree, I know more than you. You are not educated so I am special and you are not.

Knowledge produces levels of superiority. In Spirit, there is no knowledge, there is only wisdom. You don’t go to a special spirit school where someone special, talks about your Self then hands it to you– if, you pass the test, of course. Otherwise you repeat. That cannot be done. That is the very problem. That is why no one has discovered the Spirit. Buddha did not, Jesus did not, no one did. They discovered, and reunited with, their Spirit, their Self. Their Self isn’t your Self. Wisdom tells you that. Knowledge remains clueless to such things.

Knowledge proudly boasts, I know. Wisdom simply IS.

What does it mean, therefore, when you are told, The reason you are unhappy is because you have disconnected from your Maker?

The last two words within that statement hold the key. Who is Your Maker?

Your Maker isn’t God, or, the Creator, as I refer to that greatest of energies. Your Maker, your Creator, is you.

Not the you that got up this morning, had a shower, shave, piled on the makeup (easy on the makeup, you’re beautiful as it is), and whatever else you did first thing, thats ‘s the ego version of you. That’s the you reading this, perhaps even getting a little antsy right now, and this you wasn’t created by the Creator.

Your Maker is You.

You are projecting this shaving, swearing, sweating, angry and anxiety ridden individual. You and your Higher Self are not in sync. Reuniting with the Higher self reunites you with Creation itself. Once that reunification takes place, once that happens, you will be at peace and happy.

Until then, learn to love the one you’re with, even if you don’t quite know them just yet.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #96

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