The Thought I Woke Up With #92

How do I know?

I’ve written a fair amount of information regarding the mind, its origin and purpose. I have also talked about using meditation as the vehicle for getting to understand mind, rising above it, and eventually becoming one with the creator of mind.

I do not wish to give the impression however that meditation is the only way to watch, and enter, the state of No-mind. Indeed the majority of the human race doesn’t meditate.

To that end, the first point to understand is this: Finding out what your mind is up to, what is going through it, is one of the easiest and simplest things anyone can do. No meditation required.

All anyone needs to do firstly is look at the state and quality of their life. If life is difficult, stressful, unfulfilling, violent, chaotic, lonely, sickly, etcetera, then that’s what their mind is processing.

Everything happens in mind. Nothing in anyone’s life manifests out of mind. Therefore, whenever you want to know what your mind is doing and processing, look at the life you find yourself living.

Likewise it is with feelings. Feelings of anger, nervousness, intimidation, persecution, boredom, helplessness and any other feeling anyone cares to mention, happens in mind.

Do not ever try changing what is happening from the outside. Everything happens in mind and therefore everything is fixed there. Imagine seeing someone standing beside their car, waving a spanner and hitting the hood with it. When you ask what they are doing, they say, “I’m trying to fix the motor.” You’d either run the other way or call the white coat brigade. But that’s exactly what we do whenever we try fixing life from the outside.

Once you’ve seen what mind is producing. Seen what is happening in your life and let’s say for the sake of the discussion decided that some things need changing– and you’re not the meditating type– sit down and think about it.

Think about what you’d like to replace the unwanted thing(s) in your life with. Get a good idea what you’d like to have in place of that which you are finding undesirable.

List the options down; every idea that comes write it down. Talk to people whose opinion you respect. Talk to experts. Read about the desired topic. Immerse yourself in your topic. Get hot and bothered about it. Let your thoughts run free. Nothing is impossible. Do that and you may just be amazed what presents.

Mind doesn’t resist or fight. Mind isn’t a gorilla fighter waiting in ambush. Mind will comply with anything you feed it, including you overcoming it.

Mind is not a mystery. Mind is a tool that does as directed.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #92

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