The Thought I Woke Up With #91

 The Mind – Part ii

In the interests of clarity and rounding off understanding outlined in yesterday post I offer you the below, dear reader:

“As you continue observing you will also perceive that the whole world and you along with it are but a chaos dance. You will see the many versions of yourself, morphing from one character to another driven by the cacophony of seeming irrationality and noise produced by your mind. You have taken for granted versions of yourself, and become accustomed to accepting them as natural part of being human. Do not let this disturb you. Knowledge is power.

You will see there’s the happy you, the sad you and the wishy-washy you. There is the angry, nasty and vengeful you. You’ll see you the gossip, the judge and the victim; then there’s you the generous, the greedy, the envious and the jealous. You are also at times the parent and always someone’s child. You are the devoted lover and at times lewd and libidinous. You are guilt-ridden and terrified as well as brazen and fearless, self-righteous, crazy, wise, sick and healthy. You are weak, meek and docile, as well as wild and ferocious. At times you are the road-raging maniac that turns forgiving and gentle. There’s the melancholy tub-of-ice-cream demolisher and giggler who turns into a control freak. You are also the crone and the cute as a button, sweet as a nut, cutie-pie. You’ll see you as the forgiver, the harsh critic and the dispenser of justice and injustice. And those are just some of your façades. What’s more, you can be all of those things in a single day.

Is it any wonder your energy is sapped and you feel drained? Watch. See. Question. Get to understand the workings. Turn the chaos-dance into a waltz and return your energy to where it belongs.

The more you remember, the calmer your mind will become and the less there will be to see. The calmer and less hectic mind becomes, the more energy you will have. Until such time when the watcher has nothing to watch and becomes the centre of attention.”

The above addition to yesterdays post is not the entire chapter from Him & Me. It is however sufficient for clarity and basics of mind.

I will say this in closing. For many, many years I labored under the mistaken belief that what I was after was a peaceful mind. Whenever someone would ask me what my life goal was, I used to say, “Peace if mind.”

You know what I was doing with that as my goal? Chasing the impossible. There is no such thing as a peaceful mind. I did not create mind to be peaceful. Just like you didn’t. Just like none of us did. Mind is not there to be “Broken” like a horse, tamed and made docile. It cannot be ridden around and used as transport between here and there. It cannot be peaceful and calm. The goal is to be out of mind. Look forward to the day when someone says, “Youre out of your mind.”

And you reply happily, “Yes, that’s right, I am.”

Being of no mind is being in the mind of the Creator.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #91

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