I’m in Love

You know what the best representation, the best symbol, for Earth love is, dear reader?

It’s Valentines Day!

Yessir, it is. Valentine’s Day fits all the criteria. It’s easy, fun, predictable, noncommittal, highly commercial, no one dares question the motives, it fits all tastes and budgets- it’s all right there, love on a stick.

Yes indeed, you can plan that thing any way you like, slice it, dice it and mix it like a beggars stew and still come up smelling roses. AND, you get bragging rights for the next twelve months.

You buy a card, spring for dinner, say I love you, have great, or not so great, sex and feel good about yourself in the morning. Not to mention that cleansed of guilt feeling because you’ve done the right thing. Valentine’s Day, the slow release love that lasts year around.

“Hey! What you mean I never say I love you? What about last Valentine’s Day? That was like, what? Six months ago?”

“11 months ago, you schmuck.”

“Oh … well, six, 11 … what’s it matter. It was love. Love lasts, or don’t you think so?”

Then there’s the love that one experiences on a different level.

The love that doesn’t depend on a specific date, cards, candy, motel room with a spa, or the associated hoopla. This is the  everyday love,  you could call it. The kind that understands the need for, and supports, each individual to work on their own release from the bonds of ego, bonds of Valentine days, mothers days, fathers days and nasal hair days.

The kind of love that one doesn’t fall in and out of. The love in which the self and the other are equal in every way.

Until tomorrow,



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