Lovely Baggage … where’d ya get it?

You see a refined couple lugging top brand, designer luggage. You know, the kind that costs more than your average Joe earns in six months.

Immediately behind them you see another couple dragging a matching set of bags and suitcases from the two dollar shop.

What’s the difference, apart from cost and appearance; the two dollar shop ones look better, maybe? Other than that, nothing, no difference. Both couples are lugging weight they can’t let go of for fear of losing something prized.

And so it is with emotional baggage. Everyone comes into a situation, a relationship, carting their own weigh-me-downs, their own well earned mental blocks. There are no exemptions; be it him and him, her and her or him and her, if you’re human, you got baggage.

Some package it differently, hide it behind lipstick and smiles, overbearing confidence, lack of confidence, silk ties, designer jeans and Italian shoes, big cars and even bigger houses. Or the facade is success, failure, (yes, failure, like success, is nothing more than a mental block), and high powered and terribly important jobs.

Let’s understand this, no matter what, no matter who, no matter how much, everyone has stuff to deal with and stuff to undo.

The president of the United States, in his jockey shorts is just a man with personal issues and frailties he must work on if he is to get into the real White House; where Creation resides.

The issue at point isn’t the baggage. That’s as common as common gets. The issue is pretending the baggage doesn’t exist, pretending that focusing on some shiny thing or another is the panacea for love, life, happiness and everything?

Why are human beings so reticent when it comes to looking at the weights holding them under, keeping them struggling for breath in the ego-made swamp? A swamp full of bright lights, big cities and terror, always terror.

Because they are petrified of what they think awaits behind the facades they put up.

They believe a vengeful god is waiting to extract terrible vengeance for a sin committed only in their minds.

So they put up facades and walls and barriers and blocks to try and remain within  the rigid confines of ego.

Like a little child who wandered off and got lost fears what the father will do when they return, fears the punishment, so do the children of Creation fear what their Creator holds in store if  they return to Him.

The truth of it is however, that like the father of the child, who will smile, kiss and tightly embrace his child when they return, the Creator too, embraces his returning children with unspeakable joy and immeasurable Love.

There is nothing to fear, no wrong has been committed.

Until tomorrow,



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