The thought I woke up with #86

It’s Sacrilege!

Powerful word, sacrilege! Powerfully uncomfortable and painful consequence it had back in the day too. One could easily be invited to a BBQ, where one was the thing being charcoaled; no sense of humour back then when it came to committing sacrilege against mother church. An unforgiving mother she was.

Current day definition has broadened to mean anything from turning up at a vegan gettogether chewing down on a triple patty, double bacon, grease running down your chin fat-burger to your more traditional meaning of disrespecting and desecrating something considered holy.

But you know what the biggest sacrilege is, dear reader? The disrespect and harm humans commit against themselves!

There is nothing mysterious or terribly sophisticated about what people do to themselves. It’s everyday things like stress, vanity, greed, wanting to have more and be better than the guy next door.

It is saying I want this and that, then not having the courage to go after it.

It’s saying, I love you, just because it sounds good.

It’s being a complainer, a thief, a person of low morals.The list is endless.

Here is a good question to ask, in order to start the self improvement process … WHY?

Until tomorrow,


The thought I woke up with #86

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