The Thought I Woke Up With #85


There’s a clever, or maybe not so clever, quip; Tomorrow never comes. Well actually it does. Today is the tomorrow talked about yesterday, and will be the tomorrow talked about today. Tomorrow will also be the yesterday, which is a thought today.

Sounds a little confusing, yes? Of course. That’s because all these things, these todays, yesterdays and tomorrows are but mind games. Today, tomorrow, yesterday, next week, birthday, New Year, Christmas, Mothers Day, are a rolling roster, programmed and going around and around until the grand finale rolls around at which point it’s like, oh, where did the time go?

This rolling roster is one big Groundhog Day. Mind does this. It is either recalling yesterday or imaging the tomorrow. That’s what mind does. That’s all mind can do.

Another misnomer is that mind experiences the present. Mind isn’t in the present. It pretends it is, but it isn’t. It can’t be. Why do you think it’s so difficult to focus the mind on something? On anything?

Mind projects everything. It is never in anything.

Of course it is impossible for mind to be in the Now. Mind itself is a thought. A thing imagined. It isn’t part of Creation, it cannot therefore be in Creation which the Now is steeped in.

But there is more to this, this concept of today, tomorrow and yesterday. These are all dead things.

Yesterday is dead because it is gone. It can only ever be a memory; something drooled over, or, something that haunts. Either way it’s gone. It’s dead.

Tomorrow is a thing imagined, looked forward to or dreaded. It most certainly isn’t alive or happening.

Even the present is not experienced. It is felt, fast frame by fast frame, second by second, but never experienced. It isn’t alive. It isn’t real. When has anyone ever experienced the present? It doesn’t happen. It is felt. I feel alive, the saying goes. I feel vibrant.

Now is real. Now IS.Now is merged into and experienced.

Everything gaged by today, tomorrow and yesterday is a dead thing. It is no different with relationships. Relationships are 100% yesterday, today and tomorrow and therefore a dead thing.

I’m in a relationship. What does that even mean? We met, that was awesome. We were so hot for each other, so into it it was ridiculous. We fell in love. Got married. Went on our honeymoon, came back, went to work. All good things come to an end, right?

Why? Why does the honeymoon have to end?

Why does the ridiculous happiness and energy of the initial infatuation have to end?

Why isn’t the intensity of love carried through?

Here’s why. Because it isn’t real. It isn’t alive. It becomes a yesterday. It becomes a corpse.

The moment you get into a relationship, you are entering a cemetery. A relationship has died the moment it started.

In the Now, it is impossible to be in a relationship. Now is Love. Love never dies.

How on earth is it even possible to ‘Fall out of Love?’ What a stupid concept that is. What a stupid thought.

And, dear reader, No stupid thought has ever come from Love.

Live. Love. Laugh. Be.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #85

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