The Thought I Woke Up With #81

 Guilty as charged

So you’ve promised yourself you’d lose weight, and you’ve been good, but then your so-called friends offered you pizza! I mean, what could you do? Be rude, say no? Refuse? Your parents raised you right, rude wasn’t the done thing.

And they did persist. These friends. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. “C ’mon, it’s just a slice. It’s your favourite, we ordered it because you like it.”

So, to be courteous and polite you took a slice, and a couple more after that just to prove that the friendship was strong. Then a couple of glasses of wine and now, you feeling as guilty as a puppy caught doing an unmentionable on a prized carpet.

Guilt! It destroys the present, and the future. There is nothing good about it, nor can it be taken back. Let the past be the past. Do your best to learn from it and not repeat it but let it go.

Smacking the puppy for something already done is not only cruel it is pointless. Better to be more aware and teach it to go outside the next time it starts doing its preparation-shuffle on the carpet.

Also worth considering is that truly, you are not responsible for what happens. In saying that, in accepting that, one is not being irresponsible or lose with truth.

Things that happen, the majority of the time, happen on a level you are not even aware of. It has to happen. If it were possible for you to avoid, you would have avoided it.

A krill, swimming in a dense swarm may think it can take on a whale but the reality is quite different. So it is with ones ego, it may think it is in control of everything but the reality of the situation is that nothing is further from the truth.

What one needs to do about past occurrences is embrace them as something that, for whatever reason, had to happen. Then, do whatever is required to work on the cause and by so doing stop the same thing repeating. Feeling guilty generally ensures one feels like crap and by so doing leaves the gate open for the same horse to bolt again.

Think of it this way, before a surgeon operates, he must understand what to operate on. Wouldn’t it be silly for him to operate on an arm when the spleen is an issue. Yet that is exactly what we do whenever we try to improve ourselves but continue feeling guilty for something that has already happened.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #81

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