The Thought I Woke Up With #79

Time Travel

Big deal is made of time travel. Can it be done? What kind of contraption do you need? Is man ever going to be able to do it? Is it even possible? Oh to be able to do it, to be able to go visit with the primeval relatives. To sit with Genghis Khan and chat. Oh me, oh my. Just once before I die.

Well, I can. Travel through time that is. Yes.

Why just the other night I went visiting with a dead relative. And you know what? She spoke the same gibberish she spoke when she was alive.

I’ve also visited with the earliest man, who grunted a lot. Spoken to Genghis Khan, who said, Follow me, always recruiting. And a former world champion boxer, who said, If you want to be famous, find something big and bring it down.

I’ve also visited with a holy Inca dude who gave me a guided tour of a sacrificial site, then wanted to kill me when I said sacrificing children was the vilest of vile acts and that it was ignorant. Moral of that story, be careful what you say to the so-called holy men.

But you know what? You can time travel too. Indeed you’ve done it many, many times. Countless times. You’ve been in the future and in the past. What’s more, that’s where humans spend the vast majority of their time.

You may argue that shifting from the past and the future in the mind doesn’t count because it’s in the mind. Not a valid argument. Everything happens in the mind. That’s what makes everything possible, or impossible, depending on the belief and the point of view.

I remember, many years ago, reading a book by Napoleon Hill, where he advocated forming an imaginary advisory council, or something along those lines.

The idea of this council being to assemble a group of people you respected, and whose advice you’d take, around a table, and ask their advice on whatever it was you needed guidance on.

Things like financial or relationship advice, fitness tips, personal growth or spiritual instruction or whatsoever was on your mind. It was all in the imagination of course, however, Mr Hill clearly swore by it. And you know what, it probably worked. It probably worked because it was in the mind and— In mind anything is possible. Good, bad or indifferent. There are no limits there.

The thing I would say to Mr Hill and those who may be practicing his method is, if you’re going to do that, at least understand that it is You doing it. It’s you giving yourself advice under the guise of imaginary advisors. The moment that is understood is the moment one wakes to the fact that he or she is the sole creator of their life.

Likewise will in that moment of waking be understood the fact that time is just as illusory as everything else in ego. Time is the curtain covering the Now. That’s its only purpose. Remove time and you find yourself in the now. And what is the Now? A clear mind.

And a clear mind is where you really live.

So what is time travel, really? Moving from one illusory scenario to another illusory scenario, within the grand illusion called ego.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #79

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