The Thought I Woke Up With #78

It Will Happen … or Not

What do planning and fortunetelling have in common?

Both try predicting the future, both have about the same rate of success and both are ego servants whose single goal is to destroy the present, the now.

Both also set you up for failure and associated disappointment. And what happens when we fail and are disappointed? We suffer mentally, and when the frustration is acute enough, physically.

When something planned for or foretold does actually occur it is generally in a mutated form and the immediate feeling is relief followed by I could have done better. There’s always room for improvement, enough is never is enough. Ego always wants more, always needs better, always chasing the next shiny thing.

For those reading this who are stuck on planning or are in business where planning and budgeting is part of the expectation, that’s fine. Continue doing what you need to do. Just do yourself a favour, look at it realistically and relax about it.

Why is ego so fanatical about planning and fortune telling, amongst other things that encourage one to live in the future?

Because take away the future and the past and what are you left with? The now.

Ego cannot have the now. Ego wasn’t designed to be in the now. The reason for that is very simple; ego does not, it cannot, exist in the now. In the now there is no ego. In the now there is only the natural state, Creation.

Try it and see for yourself. That’s the best way to prove anything to yourself. In fact it’s the only way.

Until tomorrow,


The Thought I Woke Up With #78

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